Granddad 1930


My Granddad went to the First World War with the East Yorkshire regiment, he lied about his age and got signed up early in the war, four years in those trenches destroyed him as the good humoured kind young man he’d been…..




Grand lad

Blanket row


East Yorkshire


Battle garland

“Oppy wood”

18 yrs old

Covered in mud

Killing and dying

Mired in blood

Lived to

Be broken

Lived to be token

Of the man who

Left grandma’s house.


Became fist fighter

Became bare knuckle




Champion of 

Old Hull

With his 

naked fists

Every Sunday

After church

Before the pub


Investigated for


With a bayonet

Beat grandma

After every session

To teach her

A lesson

Only he knew

He died young

Head damaged

Body ravaged

And grandma


With a legacy 

Of seven mouths

And knees bent 

To parish



“I’ll never have 

Another man

Even if he has

Diamonds coming out

Of his arse”! 



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Martin Elder

Thu 2nd Jul 2020 14:47

A fantastic gritty and truthful piece of poetry.

love it

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Paul Sayer

Wed 1st Jul 2020 18:45

This is so moving Phil.

A comment I can leave up.

(Just to explain, I found I had to moderate my own comments... time and place and all that;)

Thank you.

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Wed 1st Jul 2020 17:24

What a story Phil - victims of war were often the wives afterwards as well. Great and interesting write.

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