Confessions of a fly

My anatomy enables me to climb horizontal,vertical or upside down,

My feet excrete glue like substances which gives me extra grip up and down.

I live on liquids ,I lack mouth parts to chew food ,so I sup.

I regurgitate juices onto solid food which breaks them up.


I taste with my incredible feet,

Landing on faeces or  pieces of meat.

I wander round and have a good taste,

I love takeaways and the food that you waste.


Due to the fact that I am on a liquid diet,

I deficate quite a lot,maybe on a meal before I try it.

I have amazing eyes which enable me to see behind,

They help me navigate and look out for danger when humans are unkind.


These clever eyes give me a 360 degree view,

Which allows me to land safely on food or poo.

Unfortunately I do not have a very long life span,

But to lay over 500 eggs all around is my plan.


You humans find it difficult to swat a fly,

My reaction ability is four times greater, don't want to die.

We flies have to bring up our offsprings on our own,

And lay our eggs on rotting fruit, carcasses and bone.


This gives our maggots something to eat when they hatch,

A fulfilling experience after having sex with my match.

I am constantly looking around for a date,

Only 30 days to live,I must admit I hate.


Harmful bacteria like salmonella and E.coli I do spread,

Which leaves many humans seriously ill or dead.

Next time you lift up a tool to swat a fly,

Think very deeply how clever am I.


I may come round to your house for a drink,

Or lay lots of eggs on your garabage that stink.

I am a complicated species ,living a short life,

But bring into your world much trouble and strife


Regards Fly


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Wed 1st Jul 2020 19:55


Had a couple of flies in my kitchen,they were difficult to catch,
They inspired me to do some research and a plan I did hatch.

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jennifer Malden

Wed 1st Jul 2020 14:48

Ugh, disgusting!!!!! Will put screens on my windows from tomorrow. Thought provoking though. When did you look all this up?!


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Wed 1st Jul 2020 14:16

Puts Blake in the shade.

Little fly so high
f##k off and die.

If you move very very slowly, and have to hand an electronic bat
you can sneak up on them and ........................ ZAP!

🦟 ⚡

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