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Revolutionary Recipe Books


The all new recipe books that I saw last week in town
are bound to prove quite popular and to gain some renown
for they have something new which I've never seen before,
you simply rip out a page, add water, heat & stir some more.
Soon you'll have an ideal meal just right for one, 
add another page or two if you also want a cake or bun 
or maybe you've a guest whose come round to share the fun
of a quick fire meal that's simply guaranteed to fill your tum.
Of course they are bound to catch on very well,
but once the tv cooks see them will they curse and tell
all of us that the meals they make are just no good at all,
no better than those noodles in pots or fatty meat balls.
Oh yes the price of convenience is sometimes rather high,
but these need no fridge or freezer and I can tell you why,
because they are simply flavoured sheets of rice paper 
which will keep forever while they're dry.
Maybe they do taste less than the best that we can buy,
but as we cram into ever smaller homes maybe we will try
to get accustomed to the taste of flavoured paper
although it chews like wet cardboard - oh what a caper!
May 12th 2010
Revised March 2011


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