Loved up in Lock Down

Loved up in Lock Down


I got loved up in lockdown, we got on really well

In moments of great crisis, on love our thoughts did dwell.

It started with some flirting, some chats and emails too,

On skype we kept on meeting, to help to get us through.

And then it got more serious, we moved it onto zoom

As Larry on the portly side said my heart just went boom.

We chatted for forty mins, and then came back for more,

Until she splashed out on the premium, now we speak till half past four.

And if I’m feeling naughty, I give her the thumbs up,

But we practise social distancing… she never gets the clap.

At times we get all dressed up and share a glass of wine,

With roses and a table cloth, and manners oh so fine.

We’ve explored all the menus, touched eachother up,

And virtual backgrounds can be fun, with sheets that we put up.

One week we met with Northern lights, the next upon a beach

Without the need for scary flights, places out of reach.

Sometimes it all goes wrong and one of us stays still

Or sound can go all wonky and voices seem so shrill,

But leaving our meeting and clicking on the link

Can give us both a fresh new start and give us time to think.

If things are feeling awkward, I secretly just mute,

Pretending that the sound is off, it really is a hoot.

She moves me round her house, in sitting room and hall

I even saw her bedroom once, with photos on the wall.

Not sure about those spider plants or green right next to blue

But spotted the odd beanbag and a special toy or two.

And now we’re out of lockdown, we can have a barbeque

In eachother’s gardens but never use the loo

And apparently the government have now set up a law 

To stop it going further than up to our back door.

But anyway I’m not sure if it will be the same

Although we’ve dated ages, I still don’t know her name

Samsung 12 doesn’t seem likely and mine is iphone 5!

It’s all been so exciting, a new spice in me life,

But now I’m back to calling her, the Missus, or me wife!




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