Steam covered windows


Steam covers the windows , stars blanket the sky 

& it seems as though it’s only night when our demons do arise 

Addicted to the feeling , of not being alone

Craving the seduction , no one wants to go home .

Your hands are on my body , it all starts slow and then goes fast 

Euphoria the only feeling , and so long does it last .

Your kiss it makes me quiver , sending shivers up my spine .

& in this moment it seems to me that the both of us are fine . 

Hiding from our problems in a fortress of solitude 

What we have going on so often misconstrued 

We’re not looking for forever , just a moment to surpass 

All the pain inside our eyes , all our feelings from the past

So often we aren’t understood , filled with anger and regret 

This dirty little secret we have to keep well kept .

So I’ll meet you where the stars shine , out by the mountain pass 

& I’ll wait there until the sun dies , hoping this will go by fast . 

I’m not looking for forever , I’m just looking for tonight 

Just give us a little something to make us feel alright . I

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 3rd Jun 2020 13:17

An appealing plea that reminds us of our needs and finds room to
embrace them, especially in times of perceived threat.
Love and lust
Are a human "must"
Before we descend back to the dust..

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