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Twin Flame


There was a girl made of glass

As fragile as she was

She roamed from city to city

In search of...


There was a girl made from sand

She slept underneath the sun

All of her life

She conformed to the raging sea

That crashed and carried her


The wind carried the glass girl

Until she appeared on the beach

She walked carefully, as to not cut the 

Sand beneath her


The waves crashed into one another

Until the sea became enraged

And held the sand under water


The glass attempted to create a barrier

Between the raging seas and the sand


Sun beamed on the both of the girls backs

The sun beamed through the glass

As the girl made of glass cracked piece by piece 


She extended her hand

The girl made of sand hesitated 

But extended hers


And their hands touched

With the sun beating them down

The heat was rising

The sand started through her fingers


She said she wanted to breathe her in

And listen to the waves until they could no longer hear the rage of the sea


And she slipped through her fingers

Something happened


The girl made of glass cracked and burst into flames 

Millions of pieces returned to her natural state


She joined the girl made from sand

And the two of them let the waves wash them away as the sun set


Lovetwin flamelesbian

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Mon 13th Apr 2020 00:53

Thank you

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 12th Apr 2020 13:20

Very interesting. Well conceived and well constructed to share. The two don't always meld.

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