Silent Tones Of Unearthly Souls

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silent tones of unearthly souls

within silent tones of unearthly souls
I hear your cries scantly cascading down from the above upon a doves tails
here I lay, looking up at the stars above
the cold frost nipping at the palms of my hands as the lay flat against the earth
penetrating me like the knife so sharp from your tools of your trade
the razor blades that prick and slice my skin above my heart
the trickle of the blood that begins to flow so much warmth from within me so deep

Your voice like a ticking clock whispering to me
as my eyes begin to fade, my eyes glistening with the tears that flow
am I my own worse enemy is it I that slice my skin through and through
no scars I bare, tarnished from the lovers that forsaken me

within the silent tones of the unearthly souls
I hear you calling me upon the winds you are my destiny entranced I move
quietly in the shadows not letting the sun bare down on me
the glistening of the razor blades stained with my blood pulsating as I tighten my grip the pain, the relinquishing pain I surrender

Your grip like a ton of weight upon me
no where for me to move,
the tears that slowly run down my cheeks
nourish the earth like your salty seed that once took me
tortured me into a silence
laying here I can taste the rain upon my skin
its piercing coldness a comfort me like a blanket

do I despise thee no
My heart and body aches for your continuous touch
my mind full of darkness monsters
within the silent tones of the unearthly souls
I am reborn

a new
a new beginning
a new path to journey upon
your voice carries me
but your touch makes me wanton
your grip upon my flesh I crave

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Anna Marie Grinter

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 00:19

thank you x x x x💋

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Wed 1st Apr 2020 15:29

Fantastic poem... great photograph to go with it.

Super composure, great contrast.
The lighting is exquisitely executed.

Black & White is so atmospheric when lit with such care.

Taking photographs is a lot like love making... framing plays a huge part.

Both are sorely lacking without imagination.

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