The Burning Of Man

The sun will shine upon you and I
The bonfires burning above the ground
slowly ashes fill the sky
a blackened cloud filled with despair
bellows down upon Man

in haste you gave chase
it is your hour your haunting and you are there love
catching ash upon the lips of your spawned mind
once a gentle soul who became the teller of loves undying age
the burning of man

of life, of woe you came in the darkness and left in the light
an empty grave unplaced, a headstone unetched no pitiful pros for all to read
an emptiness surrounds no sounds just a deep chilling breeze climbs upon the spines of those who follow no bending down on the knee to the ground

A blackened cloud filled with despair an empty chair the embers of a fire left
like the ashes of un devoted being devoured under nourished nor blood nor sucker to keep thy close

The Burning of Man
no voice of his own
stolen kisses a fleeting moment of anger gone
his embers fallen
castrated non glorified, non of his woe
his cries anon

the darkened skies
fall, fall, fall down let him wither for I do not keep
his torrent of servitude alas buried
a child of pain
I Carried deep
no more I abhor my womb free of his deed
stomach churning thought with my rage

the headstone bares my mark
a cross of life, death
The Burning of Man

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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 11:49

I await with baited breath.

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Anna Marie Grinter

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 00:16

Yes I can feel your Excitement!
I may have just the picture x

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Wed 1st Apr 2020 15:45

The 'Wicker Man'

I would love to see an image to accompany this very graphic and visual sojourn.

What an afternoon I'm having... unexpected sensually provocative poetry... here, here at WOL!

I'm excited can you tell?

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