Astronomer's New Year

This old Earth has taken another spin around the Sun. (1)
The Solar System continues its endless circle in the Milky Way. (2)
Andromeda has come closer (3) 
as the Milky Way hurtles toward the Great Attractor (4)

Welcome to another year, another turn around Old Sol,
as we wobble through familiar yet unknown deep space 
and spend more time with the music of the spheres
that resounds silently through empty space.

The bright stars of yesteryear join us 
in our yearly journey around the Sun –
Chaucer, Keats, Byron and Yeats – 
to illumine our minds with beautiful words 
and timeless wisdom, expressed in elegant metaphors



1.) We orbit the Sun at 30 km/sec (17,280 mph) (1 km/sec = 5760 mph) 
2.) The Solar System is circling the center of the Milky Way at 250 km/sec,  going toward Leo (1,440,000 mph) We make a complete rotation in  225,000,000 years.  
3.) The Milky Way is approaching the Andromeda Nebula at 100 – 140 km/sec. (576,000 to   806,400 mph, or about 6,059,200 miles per year.)
4.) The Great Attractor pulls us at 600 km/sec toward the constellation Crater (3,456,000 mph,30,295,296,000 miles per year)

(Numbers are approximate.)

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David F. Freeman

Thu 11th Jun 2020 21:36

Thanks. It took some sleuthing to get the info, then it was fun to write..

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