Panic buying we all have a role to play, lets wipe it out and flush it away

Toilet paper is in demand,

Panic buying is out of hand.

People have wiped shelves clean,

Hoarding this essential is obscene


Removing lavatory paper from supermarkets is not the sensible thing to do,

 We are dependent on them to blow our noses and wipe our poo.

Researches say it is the fear of missing out,

Hanging on to their modern lifestyle is what it is all about.


50 packs of toilet paper on shelves takes up so much room,

Seeing that they have all gone spreads much gloom.

Much more noticeable than if 50 cans of beans disappear,

Disappointment to many customers and their rear.


Fears of a run on toilet paper is like a run on the banks,

But when the run stops,we send our thanks.

Running to panic buy to some people is quite a caper,

Frightened of reverting to the past,using a newspaper.


Panic buying we all have a role to play,

Let's wipe it out and flush it away !!!


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Sat 28th Mar 2020 20:16

A communal sponge on a stick, no less.

Very topical, Hugh.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 26th Mar 2020 13:33

The Romans used a sponge and water - why not us?😐

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