In the Stillness

In the stillness, 

My tongue tastes each sip 

of my coffee

In the stillness,

My teeth grind every bite

of my food

In the stillness, 

My eyes linger over each word 

I read

In the stillness, 

My fingers 

languorously write every letter

In the stillness,

My hands slowly 

color each petal

In the stillness,

My heart speaks


I hear my thoughts

In the stillness,

I meditate without a timer

In the stillness,

I give my body some space

To crumble and stay

In each yoga pose

In the stillness,

We have meaningful conversations

My husband and I 

In the quiet quiet stillness,

My conscience speaks

And In the 

Unhurried stillness

Of the world,

I become whole again.


#art#coronavirus#family time#healing#self-reflection


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Parsa Akhtar

Wed 25th Mar 2020 21:13

Thank you 😃

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Greg Freeman

Tue 24th Mar 2020 23:44

Yes, I enjoyed the tone and mood of this, Parsa.

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Tue 24th Mar 2020 17:15

The language of silence speaks volumes about appreciation of the subtle things. Enjoyed. P 👍

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