Behind Bars


We are caged animals. 

behind these bars

we pace back and forth

frustrated in our cages

we feel tension

we are stressed

we remember the forest

where we roamed free

where there were trees

and green grass

and we came and went

as we pleased

now we have meat

handed out to us everyday

still we yearn for the hunt

for our freedom

for how life used to be.


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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 15:33

Well stated, Po!

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 14:50

Sadly most it seemed wanted to run with pack and hunt with the hounds.

Understand you are free!

The more who self-isolate the sooner we will exit this dark tunnel.
Staying at home is not difficult, it's not hard!

Being bombed every day, having no roof over your head, no food, no water, no health care, no drugs for yourself and your family... Watching your children die or worse being maimed for life and having PTSD that destroys you for the rest of your/their ‘long life’

That is fucking hardship.

This is not aimed at you d. or you Do.

However we all need to understand that abnormal is the new normal... Get used to it, enjoy it, take some time out for yourself and family if you have one... if you don’t, adopt one right now! Go online find a connection PUN Intended.

If Boris says this is hard one time I will... I will just keep smiling keep writing and keep breathing, unlike the twats who think they are super fucking human who don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything apart from themselves.



Mon 23rd Mar 2020 13:23

We can feel how animals kept in zoo's must be feeling. A transport of cordiality....hope we are all free....including animals.

Lockdown !!!!!!

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