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Let's play a game

Try to find out a word which you have never heard before. Find out its meaning and leave it in the comment box. 

◄ lullaby dame!!!!

I'm but ....... ►



Fri 27th Mar 2020 08:19

Thanks V......I was about to do the little task....😄

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Fri 27th Mar 2020 08:17

From Po’s poem “Ovid on Covid” I had to look up a word I had never seen before...

the rump of a bird, supporting the tail feathers.


Sun 22nd Mar 2020 06:42


Worn down by the world's ills..

After years of fighting the system, he was weighed down by Weltschmerz.


Sat 21st Mar 2020 17:28

Hey Don, thanks for the word. I'm just trying to make use of the time. Too much time for ourselves. I hope I'm able jo use it judiciously.

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Mar 2020 12:12

Good heavens! You've put your computer-dabble time to productive use here

I have also been productively-dabbling.

3 or more
Useless word
I ever saw

Had to Google
What it meant
Useless word
We been sent

Down from Greeks no doubt...

Me no agelast
Me ha ha
May be aged but
Fun no bar

Waiting for
other's words
Ones that I have
Never heard......


Sat 21st Mar 2020 09:55


Definition: a person who never laughs

The humorless agelast comes from the Greek word agélastos (“not laughing, grave, gloomy"), and not, as one might suppose, from the fact that spending any time around such a person feels like it lasts an age. Agélastos in turn comes gelân (“to laugh”), the same word that gives us gelastic ("arousing or provoking laughter").

Add to these a gift of irony—that confounder of the literalists and Agelasts—perfect self-possession and an imperturbable sang-froid, impenetrability of expression and purpose and the equipment of the Dandy seems to be complete.
— Temple Bar (London, Eng.), Apr. 1890

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