Those of a certain vintage will remember with glee the various scabrously funny songs by Tom Lehrer.  I

still recall doubling up with laughter at some of the content.  One for the atomic age was "We'll All Go Together When We Go".  Then there was "The Masochism Tango" and "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park".  In grateful

memory of the great man at this time, may I draw WOL readers to his hugely relevant song "I Got it From Agnes", surely to be found on YouTube.  It is guaranteed to bring a naughty smile, encouraged by Lehrer's 

knowing tones as he accompanies himself with jaunty sauce at the piano.  Guaranteed to lift the most jaded

"we're doomed" spirits IMHO.  But then I come from a different generation.  Do give it a try.  It's a tonic for today!!

Meanwhile - back at the WOL ranch...

It's for sure it ain't no charmer

This intruder into our healthy karma;

From the land of the poppy, this ain't no copy

But a true original - 

This chink in our armour!



◄ SELF-ISOLATION - going viral - sing along !



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Fri 20th Mar 2020 19:45

Hi MC, can't say I am familiar with this work but thanks for the intro. I am more aware of the Stanley Holloway monologues and especially Oh Dear I do feel Queer. There is a line in that still has me howling with mirth, 'How old are you now, aye 50 that's true - well your father died then and your mother did too.' Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce and reinvoke a ready smile. P. 👍

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