A little bit of flirt

She was slim and smart with plenty of charm,

Chatty and friendly ,confident and calm.

She'd come to see me to plant a seed,

By the end of our meeting I  was her dog on a lead.

She crossed her legs and was a bit of a flirt,

She did it with her eyes and a very short skirt.


She signed me up for a caravan and a car,

No swear words,no smoke from a cigar,

No footie talk or offer of a drink,

A little bit of flirt was her success I think.



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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Mar 2020 13:07

I've just enrolled as student
In the School of Sell
I'm waiting for the lesson
On what to sell, them tell

I want to get ahead
Ahead of all the rest
Who want to go out selling
When told to sell what's best


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Wed 18th Mar 2020 11:26

Beam me up Scotty - they teach them that at sales school - enjoyed the read. P 👍

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