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We found out on our own

No one told us

We found out on our own

It was spring

No summer maybe almost

Those days that seem to blend one into the other

With the grass so vibrant but starting to go army green

A green that hints at the gold to come


No one told me at least

No one said, this won't last

No one said, enjoy it now

No one said, take your time


It was fall or winter or maybe that space in between

When the air is clean and the leaves spin dry on the ground

Blown about by errant, playful truant winds

Winds that will soon learn to bite and sting


I learned it bit by bit

Watching the sun tilt away, the grins turn to smiles turn to nods of greeting

I learned it watching the sky gray, the snow fall, the leaves curl up and die

I learned it with new growth, with a burst of color with the smell of warm dirt

I learned it with heat and sweat and hair brushed out of my eyes

I learned it with the next cycle, starting again and again and, wait, what? Again?


Because we are spinning

Out of control

Spinning too fast to see it, too fast to feel

Spinning nonetheless

For not seeing it

For not feeling it

For not paying attention

Because we can't, after all, 

Slow down


The crisp brown leaves

The brilliant pink azalea

The soft white cover of snow

Be them

Be them now and let them go


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Mon 16th Mar 2020 22:19

I really enjoyed this one, Catherine. Thanks for sharing.

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