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Love you dear friends!! ❤

I'm so touched by your words

I was thinking of bidding myself farewell 

But your loving comments have moved me so much

I think I shall cancel my programme of saying adieu to you

Wol has been a great platform for me and many of us

Sharing our sorrows, dreams, fears and feelings within us

Unblocking the passions stored in the gates of human head

Whispering the fantasies of hearts, souls and minds that resides

How then can a soul leave such a wonderfully beautiful crowd

And seek loneliness as a mark of holy crown or joining other groups either

The going words aren't just easy to speak and whisper

So I take back my last post that made my dear friends grieve and saddened 

So here I stand with open arms, hugging you really tight saying Hello and Hi😄😃😀

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Mon 16th Mar 2020 11:48

Donny dear
I like ya too
Let's get ready
Buckle our seats
Roller coastering
Vroom vroom vroom!!


Mon 16th Mar 2020 11:47

Thank you M.C......I feel honoured by your comment....n yes happy too!! Thnxxxx


Mon 16th Mar 2020 11:46

Brian....that was a very keen observation you!!!


Mon 16th Mar 2020 11:45

That was an elaborate view into your thought process related to different shades of us the wolers here.
I agree with you to almost 99 percent.

Leo guy.....u r adorable....keep one and throw away 200s cos 1 is more than 2000....hehehe...Do me.

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Don Matthews

Sun 15th Mar 2020 21:37

I like you Do I really do
We all go up and down
Just keep on rollercoasting on
Do not thyself close down


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 15th Mar 2020 20:54

Or, to adapt a certain line - from another context
We don't want to lose you - and we think you ought to know!

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Brian Maryon

Sun 15th Mar 2020 19:59

Dottie you are came back before you left!!!

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Sun 15th Mar 2020 18:09

Do I am certain you like me have over these last couple of years... weeks, thought what is the point of being here (WOL), not here as in life and death.

I find some poets I like, some I love, some are great sometimes, some are great most of the time and others post lots of stuff that say very little to my poetic side at all... then, Do once in a blue moon they write the most stunning stuff.

Some here I enjoy reading, however, as a friend I am certain I and them would never get on.

It is not an easy task to dislike a poem or topic of that poem and not dislike the person and draw the wrong conclusions about them because of their strongly held view that might not be to our taste or liking.

I love that old saying “never judge a book by its cover” well it is such a truism especially when it comes to poetry or more importantly poets!

If you met me in the street you would not have an inkling of who I am or what I do, Not any idea of my religious beliefs, or understanding, or what my likes and dislikes are.

Here at WOL we can if we so desire fill in our Biography and place as much or as little information about ourselves as we deem fit. I would hazard a bet that many members hardly ever read others' bio’s.
Even if we do read them people can change depending on what is going on in their private life.

I feel some people don’t always take that into account when they comment at times.

I adore praise... perhaps more than some because I am after all a Leo (us Leo’s adore adorations’).

However, I may get 200 rave reviews (I wish) and just 1 individual who 'has a go' at me and the 200 go out the window... Perhaps that’s just me.

We will all need to find greater tolerance over the coming weeks and months and maybe, just maybe, find a few kindred spirits here at WOL that we can see eye to eye with and have some fun reading other’s musings and enjoy them for who and what they are Do.

Let us pray this comes to pass

Your old friend

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