A coronavirus cure might lie in a bat's brain

The coronavirus contnues to spread.

More of us infected ,more of us dead.

A new pace of infection is not the norm,

Could it be linked to the climate change storm.


Could there be a new way the virus is spread,

More of us infected,more of us dead.

Maybe transmitted up above in the sky,

Fluttering in our clouds as they pass us by.


Poisoning our atmosphere as it rains,

Entering our bodies and igniting pains.

Destroying the elderly who have been living longer,

The virus is definitely getting stronger.


Schools are closing,populations in lockdown,

Streets are empty in many a global town.

Could the virus be carried by birds in our sky,

More humans infected more to die.


Bats are potentionally special in hosting infection,

Viruses extremely virulant in them face rejection.

Frustrated these viruses look for other means to prey,

Infecting animals with weaker immune systems on their way.


Bats can tolerate viruses and swiftly discard their mates.

Who quickly overwhelm their new hosts leading to fatality rates.

Bats spread their mates  in their faeces,urine and saliva ,

A bat hosting  viruses, becomes a potentionally spreading survivor


Bats live long lives up to 40 years,

Sucessfully attacking viruses and infection fears.

A cure for coronavirus must reside in the bat's head

Lets analyse its brain deeply and avoid the spread








◄ "White ,"said Fred.

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Fri 13th Mar 2020 10:15

Well written and rhymed M.C.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 12th Mar 2020 16:56

Once it was rats - and now it's bats!
It might help if you can
Make a visit to Wuhan
Where this CV started
And rapidly departed
To spread its infection
In every direction.
The intention, of course:
To discover its source.
The Chinese have failed
To get the thing nailed,
While the WHO
Seem dreadfully slow
To stop the bug spreading
(Who knows where it's heading?)
But it's about time
That the scene of the crime
Got proper attention
And a well-informed mention
Of how it began
In distant Wuhan !! 😟

jennifer Malden

Thu 12th Mar 2020 11:16

Help! Have always liked bats because they are amusing to watch, and eat so many mosquitos each night. Also apparently if you have them around it means your area is not all that polluted as they are v sensitive to pollution. It's only a certain type of bat that has this virus anyway. Jennifer

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