Was it really she?

As I walk down the Cemetery Lane,

A woman appears besides me.

She looks familiar.

The dark curly hair and smiling eyes

It can’t be she.

The one I once knew had vanished into the

unknown void long ago.


She whispers to me in a recognizable dulcet voice

tales that only my friend and I knew.

It can’t be she.

The one I once knew had departed from this

mortal coil many Sundays ago.


She recites poetry with the same melodic cadence

that my pal adopted when she courted me.

It can’t be she.

The one I once knew had escaped from the land

of the living a life time ago.


She vividly describes the colours displayed in the

evening sky in the same way as my life long

companion used to do.

It can’t be she.

The one I once knew couldn’t resist a call from

high above and left in a hurry many moons ago.


At the setting of the sun,

I felt a gentle zephyr caress past me.

A shiver ran down my spine.

The woman was no longer by my side.

She disappeared into the vast celestial realm.


She left me wondering whether she really was

the one that I had known on this earth?

The one that I once knew had vanished into

The unknown heavenly sphere, too.

Silence isn't always golden! ►


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Tue 17th Mar 2020 21:27

This brings a silent lone tear to my cheek Abdul.

You will find your poetry reflects her thoughts and the love you both still share so strongly.


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