The crowd

Safety in numbers. The comfort

blanket of fellow believers

who want the same thing,

have a common cause.

Moving in one direction

thrusting everything aside.

Tidal wave, feeling so strong

you want to burst. One team,

one party, one religion.

The joy of being in the right.


Danger in crowds. Infection,

contagion, breathing the same air.

Too close for comfort,

hordes of hoarders,

queuers, panic buyers. 

Isolation becomes a virtue,

loneliness a social duty.

A plague on all your houses.

Learn to fear others.

Stay at home. Lock the door. 


Try not to share anything.



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Love in the time of coronavirus ►


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Greg Freeman

Fri 13th Mar 2020 10:26

Thanks for your comments, Po, and thanks for the uplifting comments about Write Out Loud. You're right ... people may be spending more time on here than usual in the weeks ahead. I hope that will be a good thing for all concerned!

I had the idea for the poem while watching my local football team Woking lose at home to Barnet, on a very wet night earlier this week. It was a smaller crowd than usual, for whatever reason. But I don't think any virus would venture out of doors on a night like that.

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Fri 13th Mar 2020 07:14

Great piece of poetry Greg.

When we are all in lock-down it is going to be vital that WOL is shipshape and Bristol fashion.

This could (for many) be the only contact with the outside world.

It all joking aside, already is for some as I am certain you are fully aware.

I have found such solace here and enjoyed the banter as much as the poetry. The content has been... interesting lately.

I am looking forward to us, and well the world getting back to normal again, it is going to be a long and hard haul for a lot of us and a lot of us will not see this year out.

So let’s all enjoy it while we can and forget about whatsitcalled and focus on writing poetry to uplift and entertain during the dark days ahead in captivity and inactivity.

Long may WOL be a light to shine upon our path and illumine the dark days ahead.

Nothing like a bit of doggerel to lighten your day 😂

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Greg Freeman

Thu 12th Mar 2020 23:19

Thanks, Phil and Graham. Phil, the Write Out Loud Woking night that is scheduled for two weeks' time is going ahead at the moment - the Lightbox actually publicised it themselves on social media today. Thanks for asking.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 12th Mar 2020 22:31

It's a fascinating thing to observe crowds, herds, flocks, etc. How something that is so safe can similarly be so dangerous when panic/contagion comes into play! How an individual seeks such comfort and safety but turns in an instant once threatened by it.

What a clever piece you've confected with such a conundrum. Good work!


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Thu 12th Mar 2020 22:05

Hi Greg - I like the poem but not sure I totally agree with the sentiments - I find that people have tended to become more engaging during this recent threat rather like the Mersey-siders at the end of WW2. I notice people give better eye contact perhaps than previously and most of us are looking to see what our wider picture consists of as time goes by. Incidentally will the Lightbox Woking 4th Thursday be business as usual this month as an old army chum had booked a special birthday in a military club at Waterloo and has now cancelled with regrets owing to the current uncertainties. May the muse go with you. Cheers. Phil.

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