The wise ones are drugged

Into submission: alcohol, soma, what you will.

Forensic psychology reveals traces

Of long-forgotten faces

Which, much like Munch's silent scream,

Degenerate into a constant nightmaredream.

Desire, in all its lurid manifestations,

Falls into disuse, Procreation is all.

And all is as it was before:

A flat, grey concrete floor

Krema I at Auschwitz,

Eminently productive,

340 corpses burned every 24 hours

This was indeed progress of the sort required

Arbeit macht frei.

Weaponising the common man and woman

An act of genius

Monsters exist

But much more dangerous is the common man

Ready to act without question.

Yes, plenty of those in our nation.

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keith jeffries

Mon 9th Mar 2020 23:23

A remarkable and thought provoking poem. When people are convinced of the righteousness of an ideology they seem to be capable of almost anything, similarly so if a propaganda machine can cleverly manipulate people. This draws me to conclude and endorse the final lines of this poem, that in the right circumstances the common man can descend into the most base levels of barbarity.

Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuehrer and those words can light the flame of evil


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Mon 9th Mar 2020 22:58

A compelling account with much to commend it in terms of encapsulating the whole sordidly misguided episode . More horror than can be visualized or assimilated, but still we try to find answers. The common man has all the ingredients.


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