William McKechnie is the Founder of Wheelchair Line Dancing in the UK, Germany, and France and now he is a Variety Entertainer for Seniors in Lancashire and surrounding areas. William has had gained a lot of recognition over the years for his poems about Christianity and Mental Health and he's written 2 short mystery stories which are available from Amazon Kindle. Please visit Amazing Radio and search for Trinity Hospice. 100% from all donations and downloads go direct to Trinity Hospice Charity. Please visit his youtube channel Wild Bill Entertainer

Mental Health and Suicide

Living Organs "I'm going to kill myself" A man said this no lie, "No one will miss me So it's better if I die" "My life ain't worth living Nothing's going right, Only I can stop this pain If I die here tonight" Many people tried this Because life was insane, Some are now disabled Yet many died in pain. You may want to die But body it does not, When you cut yourself Blood will start to clot. You can swallow pills Thinking that's the trick, But body wants to live It will make you sick. Think about your body Your body is a shell, Protecting many organs Who want to live as well. When you go to sleep Your organs have a goal, They want to stay alive So now they're in control. Think about your organs You have quite a few, Many die who want to live Now we're back to you. Life has many hurdles And can cause us pain, But don't give up so easy Think about this chain. Chain is linked together Father, husband, son, Mother, sister, daughter Each and everyone. Take away one link Now chain will fall apart, Circle has been broken This is just the start. Chain no longer strong So much grief they cry, If you end your life Another link may die.


Look No Further I need a friend to be with me Whenever I am low 'Look no further' said the Lord 'Now on your way child go. I need someone to help me Whenever I go wrong, 'Look no further' said the Lord 'Now go child run along.' I need someone to be there To help me every day, 'Look no further' said the Lord 'Now go child on your way' I need someone to be with me To make sure I get through, 'Look no further' said the Lord 'For I am here with you.' By William McKechnie

Mooving Experience

Mooving Experience I'm born to be bred and I'll be dead Before I'm ready to go, But you love me so I need to be On the side of your plate I know. No point pretending I know my ending Whatever rocks your boat, Electric shock or shot to the head Then they will slit my throat. I'm not over yet I hope this you get I'll feel the pain from the knife, Unlike you I can only say moo So therefore you'll end my life. Please give thought to beef you bought A helpless cow had to die, Filling your tummy with my mummy Pity you didn't see her cry! By William McKechnie

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by William McKechnie aka Wild Bill Entertainer

Fluffy Snow (23/01/2022)

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