Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

February 14th is Valentine's Day 
So a poem I thought I would write,
To explain about love and how to find
Mister or Mrs Right.

For some, love happens instantly 
After meeting for the first time,
Heart skips a beat, butterfly effect
These feelings inside! Oh sublime.

But let's take a moment to ponder
About love and Valentine's Day,
A day when you show your true feelings
Sending card or a present their way.

Some will send card, gift or flowers
With love in mind and expressing,
Telling them how much they're loved
Whilst leaving that person guessing.

Yes love is a powerful feeling
Makes us all do things very strange,
Many will lie about who they are
To please new love they will change.

But that's why so many relationships
Break down and end in divorce,
When kids are involved it's not fair
As it's them who feel the full force.

When finding someone who you like
Before letting them into your heart,
Be true to yourself from beginning 
Clear skeletons before you start.

Don't change the person you are
If you do then your living a lie,
Yes it might win their affection
But in time your relationship may die.

How many have said about Christmas 
Being the best that they've ever had,
Only to find that the following year
And this I would like to add.

Because every Christmas is different
Every Birthday is too,
Every birth of a newborn child
Will have been the best this is true.

It means each person is different
Your love who is second to none,
Could quite possibly be runner up
So you're missing your number one.

There is a special woman or man
For everyone you see,
I'm still looking though for mine
Whilst she's searching for me.

So I hope you've enjoyed my poem
Some words I've sent your way,
And so for the 14th of February 
To all Happy Valentine's Day.

William McKechnie alias Wild Bill Entertainer 

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