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Just an average guy, finding his place I'm not too fussed on saving face. Enjoying life, I love my wife.. An awesomeness endeavour, watch this space! Got better with age, I've lost some lard I'm not the jumped up kid on my photocard. Life's flyin' by but I'm aiming high Working hard as a breathe a sigh! Just for giggles, or teaching myself lessons, This bug I've caught, I'm sold not bought Writing's one of my best expressions! Stu Burton


Another year's been and gone Can you believe it's been that long? Much perceived, lots achieved Here and now's where we belong. Hung over from the festive cheer Don't over think this coming year. Resolutions arn't solutions Just live with love, not with fear! Stu Burton '16

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Jan 2016 17:15

Hi Stu -
I appreciate your kind affirmation on my profile page.
I came to creative writing late in life after a career
in public service but quickly found it to be a very
worthwhile outlet in both words and music - choosing to
self-finance work where thought useful...with rewarding
results on a personal level that now see a move into
more commercial creative possibilities.
Follow your muse and - as the lyric from the great US
lyricist Johnny (Moon River) Mercer tells us: Accentuate
the positive, Eliminate the negative.
As for criticism, if it offers constructive comment about
incorrect use of spelling, grammar, punctuation and
and perhaps presentation, it is worth heeding. The rest
is subjective and "critics" can often be guided by their
own prejudices when commenting.
Remember - if it works, it works! Upsetting folk can
happen but as long as there is an underlying justification for the content then be prepared to argue your corner
and give your reasons. Rational debate is the hallmark
of any open civilised mind.
Best wishes on WOL.

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Stuart Burton

Mon 11th Jan 2016 09:40

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your support! I really look forward to reading and writing more ...I just need to be carefull not to get busted on here when I'm at work... Ooops! X

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 11th Jan 2016 09:05

Stu, Vicki is right.

To me poetry allows me to break some rules that mainstream writers would perhaps scorn.

Use spellcheck if you can, accept critique without being churlish but never feel that you have to change your work because of it.

Makeup some words if they sound right (I do) it all adds to the mix.

Just get writing and chase the Muse

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Vicki Ayers

Mon 11th Jan 2016 08:59

Hi Stu - I don't feel I can offer advice as I'm still learning myself (& honestly struggle too sometimes!) but all I can do is tell you how I do things! I don't think spelling is important & if you're worried use a spellcheck (I do!) likewise with grammer - I try to write as I want the reader to read it. I've liked the pieces you've already posted - I think you have a good style. It's a brave thing that us creative types do - we bare our souls. Not everyone will like your words but if you own them wholeheartedly then what else matters!! Keep going - Vic xx

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