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Richard Krason

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I have been writting for more years than i care to remember.So why do I still write? I suppose its because it brings me some comfort, a way to deal with the past and just maybe a way to find some kind of peace amidst a live hell. Most of my work is autobiographical and if honest, very negative, sometimes rude and insulting. But to me "Every moment has its own truth" and at the time of writting they were true.


OH I WISH THAT I WAS KIND In a world that has now become heartless Its ok unto others mistreat There are many that I have forgotten There are souls who Ive still yet to meet This world needs much more compassion But today that is to hard to find How I wish that I was more gentle Oh I wish that I was kind There are thousands out there who need pity There are thousands out there who need help There are thousands out there who are crying There are thousands out there like myself There are thousands out there who are lonely There are thousands out there left behind How I wish that I was more gentle Oh I wish that I was kind I wish I could feel what your feeling And believe in the things you believe And to see the world through your eyes And all of the goodness you percieve But Im one of the many jaded One of many emotionally blind How I wish that I was more gentle Oh I wish that I was kind One day my heart maybe opened One day I may see what is true One day I may feel others pain And for this im depending on you It will be a hard road to travel At the end I hope that I find That now I am more gentle That now I have learned to be kind THE SAD AND MOURNFUL PHANTOMS ON THE EDGE OF THE NIGHTS DARK RIM We are the phantoms on the edge of the nights dark rim We stand in the hollow silence in this frozen land No blood can restore the flower within Of a sad and mournful phantom On the edge of the nights dark rim We still exsist in legends We still exsist in the minds of men Who would rather forget that we exsist at all We whisper to you, but you cannot hear For your ears are filled With the noise of the world That has no place set aside For us We call, we call, hear us now Hear us once more For we are cold, we are tired,we are lost We are the phantoms On the edge of the nights dark rim Trapped in this realm of unending night Bearer of wounds, left to bleed We are bleeding, we are bleeding to death But yet you still do not hear Give us some life, give us some peace Give us some hope For we still exsist, we still exsist But you would rather forget We whisper, we whisper Do we have to shout We were taken before our time was due We wait, we wait For you We hang round the edge of your lives Dont keep us waiting We are the phantoms On the edge of the nights dark rim We are crying, still crying Crying out to you, to release us Please But you make us suffer, you make us exsist We still exsist We exsist in your childrens dreams We exsist in the glimpse of a shadow We exsist in the flash of the fire That burns on the hills far away Yes we are the phantoms and we exsist On the edge of the nights dark rim We exsist, because you deny us exsistance You deny us mercy, you deny us hope Admit that we are, and we shall find peace And dissapear like the wind We still live on in fables And in the hearts of men Who will put you to death swiftly This being the only mercy that they will show We are the victims We are the seeds that were sown We are the children We are the fruits of the harvest We are the damned We are the mirrors of the soul We are the phantoms We huddle together We huddle together for we are in fear Help us to to find glory Help us to win Our escape from the shadows On the edge of the nights dark rim FATHER TAKE ME FROM THIS LAND When I look up all I see is fire Destruction is all around And bodies slow'ly burning With that popping sizzling sound Weve made this place desolation All fall right were they stand I cannot take much more of this Father take me from this land There's so much pain all around me A place were men and children die Were human beings disintergrate Were even warriors cry The red dust rots your body The violence rots your head Father take me from this land Before I leave here dead The jungle is like a fever It grows and drains my skin Of what little strength it has This jungle and the war thats within Where my brothers and I are together We make such a desperate band With eyes dead from such horrors Please, father take us from this land Oh christ, take cover, incoming We scatter like rats from a hound we dive into holes and curl up in the mud With the shit and the blood and spent rounds Then its over and I crawl from my foxhole And the first thing I saw was this hand An arm,and a head, half a chest nothing more Father take me from this land A COFFIN FULL OF DREAMS Lines in all directions Words hang in the air Broken dreams are dangerous So dream them if you dare Hatred can consume you Charity to it seems Beware the friend'ly faces And there coffin full of dreams Read there so called words of wisdom They'll put paradise within your grasp But if you read between the lines You'll see paradise is full of traps The parasites talk at the edges The hypocrites laugh at the gates In the centre the psychic vampires Sit and quietly wait For someone like you just to enter They smile at you oh so polite Till you get to close then they grab you Drag you down into that sorrow filled night Were your dreams are like a hall full of mirrors Your face in reflection, its fear The dream then starts to get more vicious And whats worst, its getting to near Heads come out of the shadows Hands come out of the dust The slit eyes of the demon are on you You say you cant move, but you must For there hands will entwine round your ankles There jaws will snap at your face The eyes of the demon will drag you here Every night to this place So listern while your still able Listern and listern carefully Dont follow the sweet talkers of causes For their cause, is a coffin full of dreams EACH DAWN I DIE Ive lost all sense of direction And I just dont know were to go I seem to be going in circles In every direction I know Im certain'ly not a brave person Tho I tell you god knows I try Ive got a heart that needs to awake But its hard cause each dawn I die Its hard to explain how Im feeling I feel like Ive just lost my tounge My eyes, my ears, my fingers My family, my friends everyone Id scream out all of my anger Or break into tears and cry If I was'nt so afraid to be human So instead each dawn I die I dream of being with angels But dreamers are fools in disquise They go thru the lives telling story's They cripple themselves with there lies They think that everyone hates them They believe it and god knows why And Im one and I just cannot stop it Make the night stay, cause each dawn I die Oblivions call seems so natural And I bend to the whispers of sin I look at the anger within me And the loneliness there within Im trapped on the path of the tiger I look at the jewel of its eye Then I wake and the nightmares come up with the sun So again each dawn I die THE F WORD I thought that i would treat myself And go to a place Id heard I grabbed my coat, went out the door To gorden ramsey's F word I walked right in and sat right down And waited to be served I sat there for an hour State'ly and reserved But then I put my fingers in my mouth And whistled at the guy Who looked at me like I was trash with daggers in his eyes He sauntered over to me Like he had a butt plug up his arse Hovered over me, menu in hand How may one help sir he asked Well let me see I said with glee Ill sample your fine fare Then I perused the menu With a certain savour fair As to the appertizers What would you recommend Again he looked me up and down Wondering when would this day end We have garlic stuffed mushrooms Im sure sir would adore And then there are the bleeney's uuuuuummmm to die for Rissoto,ham brushetta Stuffed peppers with chalots That sounds most appertizing Ill have the bleedin lot And as to sir's entrays Has sir seen something that would please Yes sir has made his mind up He'll have steak, chips and mushy peas And how would sir like his steak Said the now impatient waiter I dont give a fuck, just kill it And run it past a radiator Well I had myself a good time Chomping on my food While everybody watched me Some women said "how rude" Then John Baptist came over Said Gorden would like a chat Gorden polite'ly said to me Get out my fucking resturant, you fucking twat That was a day to remember Tho I was one of those that wouldnt pay You see there was no gravy Just a small point, thats all I have to say But if you've liked my story and would like a little more You can see me on next wednesday 9 o clock channel 4 FRAGILE IS A HOUSE OF PAIN I know im mad yet i do not rave In darken night Or by hallowed grave I know there's madness In this brain Oh how fragile is my house of pain My life, your life Its all a fake Is man so perfect Or is he the mistake There li'es in madness The ways to behave I know Im mad But i do not rave All these hours My mind just rips Pounding and peeling My mind in strips And you out there How do you survive To escape the tears Or did they pass you by ARE YOU LISTERNING TO ME Cant you smell the stink Can you say you are sane No dont answer, just think I know im mad Im to late to save But I cant tell if you are FOR YOU DO NOT RAVE ALL FOR THIS As the neon lights shine on a residential dump The sky props itself on a gas station pump The sewars overflow into the city square Where that damn knight on his charger is still sat there And the little girls sit in the all night cafe Were the freaks catch fire at least twice a day As the neon lights shine on the dirty old bricks While the sky just collapsed at a quarter past six Where eleven year old kids just sit and sniff glue Then they dive under trains just for something to do And the taxi's all park in a nice neat row Till a fight breaks out, start your engines man, go As the neon lights reflect on the grave yard river And the sky's pissed off, just look at it shiver Till a corpse floats past all battered and burned Then they fish it out and the image returns The river just stinks of chemical crap No there aint no fish, would you swim in that As the neon lights shine on the megastore clan The sky signed itself into hospital for a body scan Where the kids on dope all beg the nurse To give em some help cause there strung out or worst There's only two ways you can keep them from harm Thats with needles in there necks or with tubes in there arms As the neon lights blow from an electrical short The sky mailed itself to some spanish resort Were it does'nt have to look down an air condition duct Were the babies are sold by the local corrupt And pretty girls get raped on a market stall You can buy a ticket, if you know who to call And the pope needs a connection cause he's feeling awful down Till he heard the merchndise was in another part of town And the police they hauled him in cause they could'nt stand the smell And they dragged him thru the courts then dumped him in a cell Were they found him hung one morning And the chief of police just spoke Said "hey man were only kidding" guess he could'nt take a joke As the neon lights shine were the needles have to shout And the sky caught hepititus and then gently faded out All the morgue's in town on overtime they wait for you to die Then they say its time to feed the dogs here comes a fresh supply And any bones left over are always put to use There ground and put in nickel bags and sold right back to you Dirty boys live in a dirty haze a life they cant resist Were there married to a needle or there married to there wrist A sad and lone'ly girl has been conditioned its a crime when she plays with herself in her bedroom And then comes for the very first time Hold the sepulcured girls at arms length In a claustraphobic womb they walk They whimper and squirm while makin love There the girls who giggle when they talk The neon lights have packed up and gone home to bed The sky just choked to death on an overdose of lead The police have got a warrent for a priest who does protest He does a good impression of fagin, but his burke and hare is best As the neon lights try to find a better way to live The sky now in my hands, which im now prepared to give As the neon lights starved on an empty dinner plate The sky discovered salvation twenty years too late Like the girl with breast cancer on top of a building she grew When she looked down, she lost her balance, slipped and dissapeared from view As the sun decided to come up and it hovers in the air God almighty, I tell you its much to bright Who the hell put it there As the second shift just clocks in takes over from the neon The sky's become a judas its got its good face on And the cripples sit with syclles, they demand to have there right There counting of the hours, wait for the sky to slip back to night As the cockrel crows in the sunset the cripples re-track and re-trace All of last nights penny wonders down the holes under there finger nails As the neon lights dance around the grave of a senorita The sky commited suicide by a vacant parking meter And the church are swapping bibles for dirty pictures of st james Instead of tryin to help the helpless who have monkeys in there vains Who just sit in darken doorways, my god they look so beat They dig in there bags and pull out a glass and drink there amphetamines neat The neon lights have gone out the sky in a mourning hold All the hop heads have just dissapeared there still fly'in on last nights gold Then the neon lights come back on as the night gets much louder The sky decided to rain down three tons of white powder Those damn lights they just shine on, they even shine under the sea The sky has now conviced itself, that it is Thomas De Quincy There's a mist on the wall in bedlam that is made of a strange kind of chrome Were the lunatic motercyclists run there weekly death race home And a jukebox howls out a warning, outside of C & As Were a mother last night pulled out a gun and just blew herself away And her nine year old son was with her, and when he saw his mother was dead He got out a match,lit the fuse, and then he just exploded As the neon lights shine on a schizophrenic moon The sky just panic'ed and died about four years to soon The main street is busy on the pavement i am lost There were so many cars, it took me sixty three days to get across The rats go on the rampage every second night Nobody wants to get involved, they keep there doors shut tight When the pain is racking my body i walk the corridors of power They ask me what it is i want and then they make me wait for an hour Till the boss has time to listern to me, said he's on my side, that im not alone Till I tell him I am an angel that cant find its way back home Then his face went and turned a blood red and sweat poured from every vain He said "I need another shot of morphine man, you think your in pain" The christmas girls charge ahead at full throttle They want to score some coke and not the kind that comes in a bottle The pretty new year girls they know there attraction There twenty four carat solid gold easy action Trapped in an organized repression the gymslip matrys sing Give us our freedom For christ sake give us anything We want to have a life We want to have a dream If god is so just Why cant he hear us scream You keep shouting at us You keep locking us in Yet its you who sells us this shit So we can puncture our skin You say we dont know just what gratitude is We must be grateful For what ALL FOR THIS

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<Deleted User> (7766)

Wed 24th Mar 2010 01:07

Yeah, that is very true... but sometimes it's nice to be slightly naive and to be happy not questioning everything that is put in front of you, haha! :)
Thanks Richard x

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Lisa Milligan

Tue 16th Mar 2010 13:22

Hi Richard. Your comments meant alot to me. My son really is my saving grace. Thanks so much.


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Lisa Milligan

Mon 15th Mar 2010 02:15

So far, "Each Dawn I Die" is the only one I've read. You summed up my life. I find some comfort in knowing someone else lives like I...I hope you do too. I'll be back.


<Deleted User> (7766)

Sat 27th Feb 2010 16:39

Hi Richard, no problem! Like I said, I really enjoyed them!
Yes, definitely, I always find that the darker side has more truth to it and perhaps has a depth to it like no other, but then again, maybe I'm just cynical? Haha! Thank you for your comment, I look forward to reading more of yours as well x

<Deleted User> (7164)

Fri 26th Feb 2010 12:42

I found your poems here to be a thrilling read. Very true to life and written in a way that many can identify with and yet they don't seem to me to be wallowing in self pity.
Some humour in the every day observations too. I really enjoyed reading. Thanks for these.


<Deleted User> (7766)

Thu 25th Feb 2010 14:56

I like the quote 'Every moment has its own truth' in your biography, I agree!
Your poems have really good rhythm throughout, I really like 'Each Dawn I Die' x

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