The memorable stories and award winning surrealist poetry of K. Kylyra Ameringer have earned her a loyal internet following. Her literary area 'The Written Word' immediately became a favourite at, and continues to be one of the most frequently read areas of the site. Fans still actively search for K. Kylyra Ameringer stories and poetry that have been out of internet rotation for years. Born and raised in North America, K. Kylyra Ameringer began writing while still in school. Her poetry and short stories were featured in university press quarterlies and various anthologies. She became a member artist of Dark World International (then Dark World Productions) in 1996 and began publishing her work on the internet. After a move and resettlement in Ireland, K. Kylyra Ameringer began developing The Demon of Petty Disturbances series. Originally intended as a short story, the characters and plot developments for the series now span an additional three novels (outlined with rough scenes written) with notes and ideas for future books as well.


The Poet In the dustbin of the world The poet lies bleeding Railing against the light Against the night-blooming poison Stealing sacred dreams And dew-fresh flowers. His hands foreign things His mind a maze of menace To his soul; He lost his words to the wind. The moon judges him coldly, A pencil shaded figure Vomiting black ink. The poet is no more; Only the dust remains. Afternoon Tea There is movement in the trees. A flash A flicker of fanciful colour And wings - The birds are out for their afternoon tea. They bob and whirl A softly muted kaleidoscope Changing patterns through the garden; They come to gossip And watch the washerwoman In the window as she works, Smiling.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Andy N

Fri 1st Aug 2008 20:45

Didn't know you were on here Kylyra, but of great to see you here.. I don't think you need to know how good I think your stuff is, but it's excellent of course!

Mysty Brett

Sun 6th Jul 2008 00:00

Hi Kylyra,

I just found you here after we e-met earlier on Facebook. Your above poems are amazing!!! I will check out your work elsewhere on the web.



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