Learning to put real life into words was Unbelievable therapy for me. I didn't even like poetry until 2 years ago and certainly didn't plan on writing. What started out with putting odes in birthday cards soon turned into putting my thoughts into paper and and making them rhyme and turning bad experiences into a laugh. I wrote one and posted it on my social media page and I was jumped on with comments on how good it was. I cant personally see it yet but my confidence has grown over time.. it's like putting 50p in the meter.. i will carry on if while I'm needed. Life hasn't been easy. But no ones life is easy. You just have to pick your ass up. Dust it off and crack on... and have a beer 😁 I say it how it is. I do swear and apologise if any offence is caused but it's part of me x

The Beginning of the End

The end is close I see the light The pub fridge stocked Theres Ale in sight Lagers chilling in the cellar cheeky smiles from grumpy fellas Pubs will open. it's been missed Wont take long to get me pissed. Social banter close to friends Tales of lockdown. Ifs and whens Feeling normal for a while A Laughter sound. long lost smiles. garden benches split apart. No entry to the bar. Toilets locked your out of luck So piss behind a car. The same chat echoes. Tales and woes How Lockdown weight has hid your toes. The weirdest months ever seen. But now we must plod on. Look back at this and tell our tale Of shitty cov-19. Karen Megson 22 June 2020 All rights reserved


Theres things in life I just dont get. Some I understand. We all have different journeys. Accidents unplanned. Theres Liars and Abusers. Narcissists and cheats. Pathologic liars. Thieves who live off greed. Chancers often make it. Winners take it all. I wish the good erased the bad. Or Life was not so cruel. I wish that life was easy. Where no one had to fight. I'd love to have another chance To get life properly right. I wish the world was equal. Wouldnt that be nice. Where money didnt matter. Religion had no price. Where Terror didnt happen. No massive Tax to pay. Where no one actually gives a shit If you're straight or gay. Everyone safe inside a home. Warm and off the streets. The right to food and water. A comfy Bed with sheets. Our troops would get the football wage. Thats just Not right at all. The value of a soldiers life. Is more than just a Ball. A naughty kid should get a slap. It was a parents right. If disapline was still allowed. Our youth would be alright. Consoles would be banished. Mobiles just to call. There wouldnt be an internet. So Kids would go to school. Children safe out playing. Groups played in the park. No such thing as sugar tax. home time when it's dark. The earth is spinning backwards The world has lost its voice. We're all allowed opinions We have the right to choice. Laws are getting tangled. Ignorance is bliss. Just Leave mankind to do its work And Nature how it is. 26-09-19 Karen Megson All rights reserved

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Wed 29th Jul 2020 02:11

Welcome to WOL Kas! I’m looking forward to reading more of your poetry and already added you to my favourites. I agree with Po, you’re off to a great start. Write on!

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