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Creative Writing graduate. Fond of jam


Christopher Livingstone Eubank Equally hated and adored The greatest sportsman from these shores In a monocle and plus fours It’s Christopher Livingstone Eubank ‘Savage way to make a living’ An awkward pause is a given One part Ali two parts David Niven He’s Christopher Livingstone Eubank Revelling in Machiavelli On a tangent on live telly No sound bites; he’s quoting Shelley It’s Christopher Livingstone Eubank Drops his opponent to his knees Two taps of the gloves and then freeze In a waistcoat; no shirt sleeves He’s Christopher Livingstone Eubank The nemesis of Nigel Benn The golden age and way back when More accessories than Barbie’s Ken Christopher Livingstone Eubank The great anti-war activist Standing up for Iraqi kids Don’t need that cane, though. Do you, Chris? It’s Christopher Livingstone Eubank In a truck the size of a tank Lisping all the way to the bank Worthy of the number one rank Christopher Livingstone Eubank Thanks I. Leslie You’ll Never Walk Alone A phone in post-mortem on David Moyes Made grown men revert to smudge faced boys. Utd fans given a chance to reminisce, The greatest times they undoubtedly miss. About their memories and the feelings they evoke; Celebrities (and Terry Christian) warmly spoke. Solksjaer at Barca; Cantona’s Wembley But, some offered a more transcendent memory Ronaldo, not Cristiano in this tale But a now sturdy South American playing for Real And, they chanted his name as one of their own When he left the pitch, he didn’t walk alone. Consider those moments bigger than sport When it’s more than football you report One recalled Michael Knighton buying the club He appeared on the field doing kick-ups New belief before the cheers stopped to ring Prematurely deflowered by yet another false spring But, they chanted his name as one of their own On the pitch that day, he didn’t walk alone. My greatest memory is not my first game Backed by the Salford guttural refrain Nor collected moments of sublime brilliance From a still svelte, mobile Brazilian Not a debut win that promised so much Nor a dodgy businessman with a great first touch But when the Hillsborough campaign came in 89… And the Stretford End began to chime. We chanted their song as one of our own When they paced the pitch, they didn’t walk alone. And they’ll never walk alone And they’ll never walk alone And ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Ian Leslie THE (SECOND) BEST MAN In loveless hands she’s still his screen saver The girl he held long enough to see depart. Her love deleted, while his won’t waiver. He prayed that she would be his saviour. How it looked so good from the blurry start. In his empty hand she’s still his screen saver That weekend, he still recounts it’s flavour. He wants to evoke what didn’t really start. Her love deleted, while his won’t waiver. He wishes his soul did not still crave her. It’s like trying to kick start a funeral cart. In his empty hand she’s still his screen saver Drink strips and reveals truth like a razor. His phone unmoved like her heart. Her love deleted, while his won’t waiver. He begs for a chance but the answer is `never`. Bringing a negative slide to his chart. In loveless hands she’s still his screen saver Her love deleted, while his won’t waiver. I. Leslie.

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Rachel Bond

Mon 19th Apr 2010 04:49

hi. im at bolton uni fine art. its as incestuous there as it is come we ve never met?

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Sun 25th Oct 2009 18:04

Loved your spot on the Arty Types show at the Tudor last night. Glad to see you getting back on WOL also. Will no doubt see you around.
Isobel x

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 23rd Aug 2009 22:52

Hi Ian, great work mate, I've been up scout road too! You should publish some more of your work, hope to see you soon Jeff

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Mia Darlone

Sun 27th Apr 2008 22:16

Thanks for your comment, I enjoyed your poems - I once rather sadly dated someone with a sierra cosworth but it didn't end up the same way, as he had a thing about going sideways around round-a-bouts....

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