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Thaumaturgically Charged

I have written poetry over the course of a lifetime, none of it has ever been pu…

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The Antipoet

"A wry blend of anarchocynisism and comic observation." Jim Reaper - The Daily …

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The Dumb Genius

I write, I sing, I'm real; trust me, you don't want to miss me.

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The Forgotten Liberties

The Forgotten Liberties is a humble personal endeavour to talk about a few seldo…

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The Kid On Mars

Hello everybody, my name is Ash, well technically my full name is Ashley but I a…

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the kid who still watches his vhs tapes

My first time ever joining a community of writers. Hoping my writing doesn't suc…

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The lonely poet

These are my personal poems. I write them usually when I have strong emotional f…

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The Lost Poet

I was just a little lost once! Not literally just lost, and i found a means of e…

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The Luchador Poet

Some say: The Luchador Poet once got into a ruckus with Gandhi...and lost. …

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the other woman

no performances as yet, i am new to this poetry lark. I hope to perform at some …

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Darren Scanlon was born in 1965 and still lives in Lancashire in the English Nor…

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The Repeat Beat Poet

The Repeat Beat Poet AKA Peter deGraft-Johnson (PJ) is a regular modern day rena…

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The Sad Poet

Alot of people say, "Don't always see the bad things in life." Well. I think th…

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Theatre Nerd

Write poems based off of the past, current, or what I'm feeling at the time. Lov…

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Guitar n' Verse! - Open mic variety night!

Following successful nights at Butterflies in Bolton, The Crescent in Salford, G…

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Bolton WriteOutLoud @ Bolton Socialist Club

This is Bolton's monthly open mic night, from Jan 17 is back to the 3rd Sunday e…

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Two golden wedding approaching Rossendale'rs,both very very much community spiri…

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Poetry Plus

Poetry Plus is the name of the poetry group which meets monthly in Manningtree, …

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Express & Star, Wolverhampton

Regional newspaper for the Black Country, with head office in Wolverhampton.

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Wolverhampton Original Literature Festival

Wolverhampton Original Literature Festival (WOLF) is a 3-day festival held over …

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Marsden the Poetry Village

Marsden the Poetry Village Marsden has poetry in its heritage, its landscape,…

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Marsden Write Out Loud

Marsden Write Out Loud open-floor poetry group meets on the third Thursday of ea…

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Write Out Loud Woking

Write Out Loud Woking is a monthly poetry open mic night at the New Inn, Send, n…

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Suffolk Poetry Society

Suffolk Poetry Society hosts a wide variety of poetry events throughout the coun…

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Poetry for schools

This is an experimental page to encourage the writing and sharing of poems for t…

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the WORD theatre

Bringing the UK's BIGGEST, most exciting, and relevant Spoken Word Artists to th…

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Roundel Poetry

Founded by Margaret Beston in 2012, Roundel is a poetry group based in Tonbridge…

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Ricardo Méndez

Managing Director at P L ꓥ G U E - Cult Magazine [https://plague-mx.wixsite.c…

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Milestones Poetry Competition

This profile has been set up to run the inaugural Milestones poetry competition,…

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West End Writers

West End Writers is a new creative writing workshop starting at West End library…

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Writers of the third kind

From the beginning off 2008 to 2010, me and Manda Lee co-ran a creative writing …

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