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'When the war started, I was distraught'

I interviewed the editor of Disbelief, Julia Nemirovskaya, by email about the anti-war anthology - about how it came about and evolved, the risks of speaking out, the dangers some writers still living in Russia might face. I found her answers fascinating – and also, very moving.


How did you become involved in this project?

When the war started, I was distraught, to say the least. It was...

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‘There are not enough hours in the day to publish all the submissions that we like’

After starting out by running regular open-mic nights, Surrey-based independent poetry publishers Dempsey & Windle have published well over 100 poetry collections over the last five years (including two of mine). In a wide-ranging interview with Write Out Loud undertaken just before they set off on ...

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From New York, to Chennai, to Bolton: George Wallace on global poetry networks, Walt Whitman, and a NYC anthology

George Wallace (pictured) is writer in residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace, on Long Island, New York; first poet laureate of Suffolk County, Long Island; and author of 38 poetry books and chapboo...

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'Poets should never be lost for words': peace campaigner Antony Owen talks about the war in Ukraine and the new nuclear threat

President Putin’s barely-veiled threat at the start of the invasion of Ukraine to inflict a nuclear attack on the West if it took arms against him was a chilling reminder  of the mortal danger hanging...

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