Invite to the palace: are you on the list? (Nov 2013)

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are holding a reception “to celebrate contemporary British poetry” on Tuesday 19 November at 6pm –  and, not surprisingly, the poetry world is wondering who has been invited, and who has not. On Twitter leading performance poet Luke Wright said he had received an invitation, but added: "I think I've got to stick to my principles and not go, even if that seems a ...

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Down memory lane

Former editor Boris Johnson wins Spectator's £1,000 limerick competition (May 2016)

A £1,000 limerick competition run by the Spectator magazine has been won by its former editor, Boris Johnson. The competition was aimed at finding a limerick most insulting to Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The judge, Douglas Murray, said: “I am sure there will be those who claim this is a...

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Down memory lane

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