'The intimacy of the poetry world': TS Eliot judge Fiona Sampson on the selection process

One of the TS Eliot Prize judges, Fiona Sampson, has written about “the intimacy of the poetry world” and the process of selecting a winner, in an article for the Guardian.

In a piece that could be seen as a reply to a blog in the Times Literary Supplement earlier this week, Sampson, editor of Poem magazine, and professor of poetry at Roehampton University, said: “The intimacy of the poetry wor...

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Enduring appeal of print: long-running poetry magazines set out their stalls

Evidence of the staying power of print poetry magazines and some of its most respected and distinguished editors could be found in London on Saturday. Free Verse organisers Chrissy Williams and Joey Connolly, whose annual poetry book fair grows in popularity, returned to the fair’s Clerkenwell roots...

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Poignant poem about wartime disaster that claimed 61 lives in Lancashire

A poem that originally appeared on Write Out Loud, about a forgotten tragedy that claimed the lives of 38 primary school pupils in Lancashire during the second world war, has been published in full in...

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Poetry project for the canals makes waves

Milnsbridge on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is being put on the poetic map, in the form of poetry carved on lock gates, in the latest addition to the Locklines project run by the Canal and River Trus...

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Invite to the palace: are you on the list? (Nov 2013)

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are holding a reception “to celebrate contemporary British poetry” on Tuesday 19 November at 6pm –  and, not surprisingly, the poetry world is wondering who has bee...

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Former editor Boris Johnson wins Spectator's £1,000 limerick competition (May 2016)

A £1,000 limerick competition run by the Spectator magazine has been won by its former editor, Boris Johnson. The competition was aimed at finding a limerick most insulting to Turkey’s president Recep...

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