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Do we need to explain?

I definitely think that's a decision the writer needs to make when writing a poem. I find that, instinctively, some poems feel like they need to be more straightforward and immediately understandable than others. You want to paint a vivid scene or scenario for the reader. With other poems, it's the ambiguity and puzzle-like nature that make them interesting.

The issue that I most often find myself wrestling with is 'will the reader assume this is autobiography?' and 'if so, how do I feel about that?'... Which sometimes leads me to providing some extra context when sharing.

Great question!
Fri, 28 Jun 2024 05:21 pm
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I enjoy reading explanations written by a poet since they can enrich my understanding of the poem. But a poem without an explanation is fine of course. I appreciate poems that make sense but that also have a sense of multiple meanings, depending on how the words are interpreted by the reader. Sometimes if a poem is super complex or uses vague language not easily understood, my brain gets tired and I move on. But I might return to the poem later to try to figure it out!
Sat, 29 Jun 2024 08:34 am
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