Invisible feelings

The frozen river you can’t see,

It flows through your eyes,

How delicate it may be you won’t feel it,

You shan’t see the feeling it becomes,


Those noises it squeals,

That may turn through strong desires,

You can’t touch in such approach,

From the lightest touch it feels,


The atmosphere it absorbs,

Surrounds the area with great pain ambience,

You see this for...

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throughssad poemInvisible feelings

Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth

The truth you’ve hid beneath the ocean,

Never has come in sights of the pirates above,

They claim the seas not knowing what you hid below,

Roaring around with treasures from the above,


Just not knowing me deep below,

Has led broken connections between them and me,

Time passes, kingdom rises,

The ocean is forgotten,

But they were nothing close to it,


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Wild Birds in Captivity

Wild Birds in Captivity

Those birds that roamed free,

Endless flights filled with glee,

They glide over the trees,

Flying side to side with the breeze,


Above the deserts, they can reach,

Following the wind that they preach,

Finding the oasis that they screech,

Under the clouds that breach,


A glimpse of their prey,

They plunge headfirst at bay,

Stumble and...

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