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"A New Dawn at Qudos Academy"

After four months of planning and organisation my newly re-vamped website is now up and running. A Very Merry Beltane to all my readers, fans, friends and supporters! Qudos Academy is a non-profit organisation or website dedicated in some degree to supporting the Oxfordian view that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford was the author of the 1623 “Shakespeare” Folio of plays. It does not support...

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Shakespeare's Almanack

In my recently published book, “Shakespeare’s Qaballah”, (A Companion to Shakespeare Studies) I also mentioned that plays were usually commissioned for performance at court either to entertain some visiting foreign dignitary, to celebrate a state occasion/wedding or some military or diplomatic achievement. (See “The Elizabethan Festival Cycle”). Depending on their success and popularity they might...

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Shakespeare the “Sailor-Man”

Shakespeare's knowledge and personal experience of the sea and maritime navigation is not only remarkable given he lived in the land-locked town of Stratford-upon-Avon and apparently never went to sea?

Qudos Academy investigates the facts and fallacies attached to Shakespeare's plays and poetry and how he came to know so much intimately about maritime navigation.

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Return to Write Out Loud

After several years in exile during which time I have published my book "Shakespeare's Qaballah" in 2022 and an anthology of poetry ("Parthenogenesis") I am returning to Write Out Loud with a weekly blog highlighting my Wordpress Website ( where there are over 200 articles on a variety of subjects including:

Not Without Mustard (Screenplay Submission)
As part of promoting ...

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