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I address to the garverment of my country

You, morons, with the wood brain,
Sawdust your heads contain,
Listen to me, you damn bloody fools,
Lift your asses from the stools!
Go! Toddle of hobble to do good deeds!
Grow fruitful seeds!
Moderate your own greed!
Find out what people need! 
Feed the children and old men!
Heal the children from cancer and then
Build the roads and give the gas!
I want my country to be superclass.

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lifegarvermenthuman rightshuman condition

Everyone chooses for himself ...

Everyone chooses for himself:

 A woman, a religion, and the path.

 You can serve the devil or the lass.

Everyone chooses for himself.


Everyone chooses for himself:

A word for love or just a prayer,

 A sword for the duel, shelter as a lair.

 Everyone chooses for himself.


Everyone chooses for himself:

Shield and armor, staff and a hat.

The service to the greed...

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Show me the country ...

Show me the country

Where they glorify the torture.

Where people are hungry

And the well- known murderer,

Can walk freely and be free.

Show me the country

Where everyone is deceived

And the people are cleaved,

The backward there means forward,

Where to say the truth is awkward.

Don’t rotate the globe

With a hope to find this country.

You won't find it on the pl...

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Maybe,I am not smart ...

Maybe I'm not smart,

And I must take heart.

 Maybe I'm, not right.

I am bothered by light.

 You may not understand me at all.

 I can sound like an autumns fall.

 But …I can breathe like grass,

 I can live like a lass,

Can be wise, can be nice.

 I can read between lines,

 And be someone’s divines

Look at me: I'm a flower,

With the sun's energy and power,

 I ...

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My Life

You know, my life,

Let’s just be friends!

We’ve nothing have to share.

You look like me:

My face, my eyes, my ear …

You are my life, my inevitability,

I am your tiny fragile destiny.

Like a wind, you carry me quick,

Or send me quietness and calm.

And I believe you’ll save me,

 You’ll never see me like a junk

Or never see me ever drunk.

Life! Be my friend!


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There are many..., There are a few...

There are many of those with whom you can go to bed, There are so a few with whom you’d like to wake up, And in the morning to greet the day that’s ahead, With a smile to ask your love if it’s already a sunup.   There are many of those with whom you can just live, Drink in the morning coffee, talk and argue or debate, But … there are just a few to whom you can believe And...

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Rzhepicks 2013


No matter who,

No matter where,

No matter when,

It only matters why and what for.



Yesterday was early,

Tomorrow will be late,

Today I have no time.



You can’t train in a gym?

 You want to look young and slim?

Stay close to the old ones and fat.

There are many ways to skin a cat.



Sometimes I think:


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The Trumpeter


The war was all around

And the city was small.

The doctors laughed at him,

He was not like de Gaulle.


Well, may be the trumpeter?

OK, trumpeter, as a trumpeter!


Being a trumpeter is so good,

At least you don’t have to bow.

The bullets whistle over your head,

As the winds sometimes blow.


But why it happened like that?

For a boy ...

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How Many Questions Our Life Arise?


Not looking at anybody doesn’t mean not to see,

To do the things you like doesn’t mean to be free.

To be at the very verge of life doesn’t mean to die.

And standing on the ground doesn’t mean not to fly.

And how much to pepper so that all could be well?

And how much to sugar to sweeten  the hell?

To live a normal life doesn’t mean not to dream.

But how long to ...

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A Long Life Road


Our life is a real drama

In such a colorful gamma.

Our life is just a moment,

Sometimes with a torment.

Just have enough patience

To keep good relations,

To love truly and forgive.

You won’t believe

But today I cried away.

Someone thought it was a shame,

Someone comforted, didn’t blame,

Someone said: life goes on,

Someone dies and some are ...

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It's a Pity


It’s a pity that

you can’t take off your skin

like an old dress

can’t cover the rags

with a smart dress

so that to impress

can’t embroidery stitch the holes

made by moles


it’s a pity that

you can’t pull out your heart

to bask in the sun

can’t force it cut and run

from the life of one

can’t let your soul

fly in the sky like bird...

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Oh, God! Give me the strength.....


Oh, God! Give me the strength to forgive

Even when I was not forgiven,

No one to humiliate or to offend

Even when I was humiliated or offended

Give me the wisdom to be always fair,

Teach me to fly and not to be scared,

Not to be indifferent to the neighbors,

But to live and create for world's favors.

If I doubt to ask my heart for advice

As my heart ne...

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The Formula of Love?


Man’s logic is so illustrative and simple,

He thinks he is so nimble.

Remembering the words of the great Pushkin:

“The less we love a woman the more she likes us”,

He is neither in a hurry nor in a fuss

To express his feelings and…. Alas!

There is nothing more here to discuss

From the attitudes of the poetic lyrics.

Pushkin’s words are not yardsticks.


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With Love Only


I hear the music of the Creator
In the fire of the sunset, in the blue darkness of the night,
In a starling’s song – a spring’s curator
Even when the quietness is tight.

It seems that love embraces all the creatures.
No more sadness, loss and tears.
No more wars, no more killed soldiers,
And only Madonna tenderly cradle her dears.

But how to understand where the evil...

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Once Upon A Time....


Under the moonlight in the park

The stars shined like sparks.

A young couple walked,

You could hear them talk.

He was a guy with a sportsman's figure,

She was like a thin fragile stalk.

All the time the guy talked.

For a bet he crossed the bay

And it was on a stormy day.

He fought with the devils stream,

He heard the petrels scream.

How brave yo...

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This February


This February took me to the frosts,

Experienced me by heavy snowstorms,

Wanted to know how much my love costs.


But…I was laughing boldly.

Happiness can’t live lonely.

I warmed myself by this verity.


This February tried to cool my heart,

It wanted us to live forever apart.

But…it forgot: March will be a start.


It tried to ice-bound my ...

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The anguish in your eyes?

Change the lenses!

The winter in your heart?

Fill the light! Be smart!

Someone betrayed you?

Says: Don’t love you?

Forgive that hurt!

It’s just a bullshit.

You are feeling nervous?

Drink tea with sweet honey!

You won’t buy health for money.

Your days are blue and gray?

Take the guitar and play!

Greet every new d...

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Love is a mistress of herself,

She comes without asking.

She can be so cruel or like a kind elf,

She can be true or just masking.


Your fate – my sorrowful pilgrim,

With the key on the neck to walk,

To look for a fairy kingdom,

With different people to talk.


You want to know whose you are,

Where your love lives.

Do you have to walk so far...

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There …where the taste of silence is strange and forgotten,

There ... where the pastel sky floats and is  underfoot,

There ...where  the streets are shivering in a foggy mood.

                           They need snow.


There … where the face of Earth is changing the poles,

There … where some kilometers of the rain are endless

There... where the ships  kiss  t...

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Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!


Hurry up to fall in love!

Be surprised how beautiful it is!

Hurry up to speak of love!

Realize that these words can anyone please.


To give yourself to others –

What happiness it is!

All people are sisters and brothers

Take care of friendship, please!


Don’t hide the feelings of admiration!

It’s a foundation of love creation.

Use your brai...

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I Was Always Sure, Now I Am Not.


I was always sure that….

Tomorrow will come.

I’ve heard it from my mum.

That was in old days.

Today those bright rays

Happened to be in a haze.


Today I am a little bit confused.

My childish insurance is reduced.


I am not sure in tomorrow.

I thank God if it doesn’t bring me sorrow.

I’ve stopped looking for the truth.

What’s the use?


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I am tired to hear your lies.

I am tired to love tired eyes.

I don’t want to listen to your cries.

I would love you to be... a bit more wise.



Or it could be better to say it like this:


I’m fed up to listen to lies,

I’m fed up to love tired eyes,

I don’t want to argue any more,

I’ll better new lands explore.          

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What is more important?


Two men were asked one question:

What is more important – happiness or health?

The first one answered:

 Certainly happiness!

Another one said:

I would be glad if I had health,

I would change it for all my wealth.

Do you ask me why?

Here is my reply:

You know, some days ago,

I have, at last, met my happiness.

But….Damn! Damn! Damn!

I don’t wa...

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A Quarrel


After a morning quarrel with his wife

A husband has got a terrible life.

After work, coming back home,

He finds a warning syndrome.

It’s a note lying on the table:

Honey, I think you are able to heat up the food,

Today I am in a bad mood,

So, to cheer me up I went to my friend

To watch the film with a happy end.

The food is already on the stove.


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You know, it happens that...


You know, it often happens that…

People love one another.

They give love to each other in return.

In love affection they both burn.


It also happens that love is cut off

By someone’s an invisible measure.

That measure  just scoffs,

Forgetting that love is a treasure.


It happens…love is boiling of passion

And someone becomes the universe.


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I’ve learnt to understand that….

A prohibitive degree of inner freedom –

Not a caprice but a strain.

Up to the end it will remain!


I’ve learnt to understand that….

The tales we dream up

We write out of our own head.

And…. we should cherish that!


I’ve learnt to break up the rules,

So that no one should be hurt.

Using my own tools,

I w...

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Can't Be Indifferent


Honest people can’t be indifferent

To the satiation in Great Britain.

I was just smitten

By the news in the net.

The jet of vandalism has met with …

Was it a debt, which was kept….?

Can’t say where and in what,

But …some people forgot:

Democracy of our society

Looks like who is more mighty.

Alien war. Is it really an alien?

The human beings are ...

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lifepoliticsmanchester evening news

Our Mistakes


How often we make mistakes

And lose those who are dear.

We go to those who our hearts break,

Do not notice the only one who is near.


Trying to catch somebody's fancy

We run away from the nearest one.

Forgetting your fiancée

The betrayal was done.


We run to the one who once has left us,

We ask that one again for help.

As a result we see j...

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I Love


I love,

But seldom speak about it.

I love,

But much tender as before.

I love,

But a bit more careful.

I love,

And with each day much more.

I love,

But not for everyone to see.

I love,

And my love is a glee.

I love,

And I will never regret.

I love,

And I will never forget

Those  beautiful sunrises,

Those innocent lies,


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And what will be then?


What will be tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be April.

Hearts will be struck by the love arrow,

They will not be stable.


So, what to do now?

Is it just natures caprice?

Allow your feelings be somehow avowed!

Don’t let your feelings to crease!


Look for the truth in the gentleness of spring!

Ding, ding! Listen to the bells ring!

Forget the trouble...

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My Way


I go my way night and day.

Sometimes I doubt and want to shout,

Can’t sleep at night and….

Not so sure if I was right.

But I go my way night and day

With the alarms and worries,

With the flurries and hurries,

More often with beautiful sunny days,

Sometimes with colds and rains.

But in the distance I see the dawn,

It illuminates my life and my dreams...

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Life is the sun in the day time.

Life is the beautiful chime.

Life is the moon and the stars at night.

Life is the birds flight.

Life is the mountains you climb.

Life is to share the last dime.

Life is a tale, a big surprise.

All around look so nice!

But if you see life in different way

With only dirt and violence

And don’t hear the silence,


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I Love You, I Love You Not


I love you, I love you not

You laughed at me and I forgot

Forgot the day we’ve met

There’s nothing I would regret


So many hearts were broken by you

But you don’t care and hell with you

It seems to me you never loved

And nothing could excite your blood


How much I want to say I hate you

How much I want to be with you

You are just heartless...

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If you have nothing to say keep quiet,

If you have nothing to show you are retired.


Everyone could be much wiser

If that one would find a sympathizer.


Any plan without intent –

The essence of a content.


Her conscience is so transparent and clean

That it w...

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Falls And Flights


From the sky to the land,

It’s so painful!

First thought:


It’s the last flight!

But then again

we look at the sky

and wish to fly.

This is our human nature.

We forget about danger

and again look for adventure.

We are strange, strong and weak,

something more we seek.

As only the wounds heal

 we again feel to fly

up to the ...

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Life is not just a pleasant walk,

life is not always an interesting novel.

There are moments that shock,

they are impossible to foretell.


Half of our life is a fight.

Another half is a pain.

Only a few moments are bright.

And they are the main.


While those moments are burning in you,

While those moments make your heart beat,

Take care of...

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It seems you forgot, our life is short.

There is no time to beg or extort for support.

Learn how to live yourself.

Take a book from the shelf and…

delicately leafing page after page

you will find a wood sage.

People are like books,

some of them are good,

some of them are bad,

some of them are just mad,

some of them are not sassy,

they look more ...

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Two classmates were chatting.

Accidentally they've met in the street,indeed,

they were not so old and not so young,

much more than forty.

The first one said:"I feel so young

and want to be sometimes so naughty,

I want to love again and certainly be loved,.

I want the romances to sing,

I want to fly so high in a swing,

I want to dance under the rain,

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Our life looks like a zibra

Our life looks like a zebra,

sometimes black stripes,

sometimes white.

The black stripes

take turn of the white,

like day and night.

And sometimes

our life zebra kicks

making it's own tricks.

Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Life roads

We all have different life roads,

we all think which one to choose,

some choose their road and crawl it,

they have no wish to fly.thinking it's a wit.

It's hard for them to learn the truth of life,

such people go with the tide

and fear like a hare living in a form with fright;

their feelings and soul are hidden,

they are always afraid to be bitten;


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To live on the real life rails


We often look for the one to be ideal,

but when we meet the one who is real

we give foolish criteria

and it looks as a mystery.

Expecting the one from the fairy tales

we very often get only fails.

We want to get everything at once,

to get our chance.

As a result we burn the time,

loose the last dime.

May be it’s more important just to live,


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Falls and flights

From the sky to the land –

It’s so painful!

First thought: Enough!

It’s the last flight.

But…then again look at the sky.

This is our human nature:

to be strange, strong and weak.

As only the wounds heal

we forget about danger

and again spread our wings.

We again long for the sky

surprising God with our wishes.

We believe on...

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It could be so nice


It could be so nice to learn how to fly.

Though it’s a difficult task, but…

Let’s have a try!

It seems an easier task to learn to see a smile

among thousand of angry faces,

but… we are not on the races.

Let’s have a try!

It could be so nice to learn how to dream

and in the dreams to fly in the future,

it could be such an adventure

with knowledge to ...

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Our life

Our life is not always easy

Sometimes it rains hard

But with every coming year

You become wiser and smart.

You value your past,

You take care of present.

The time goes fast

Some things you still haven't.

With the coming years

You start to compare

And it finally appears

Not everything was fair.

When you were younger


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