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In the wanting, in the waiting, in the never that comes between
Distances rolls like waves between us
 Pulling us closes and drawing us apart.

Words cramp in my mouth, my tongue thickens
If, if, if, want, want, want, need, need, need.
You cannot hear me, I cannot speak
In the head
 A thousands scenes play out
Hand touching hand
Minds reach out
And twine
Leaning into...

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Promises, Promises

Save your energy for another day

add your tears to another year.


At the edge of the dance floor

watching, waiting

hoping to catch


the dream that they sold in little paper bags.


Swirled into existence

a promise and kiss

a murmur of sadness

perhaps fading into bliss.


Stop still, the room vibrates

sweat dries, lights go up.



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Save your energy

Do not try to tame the shrew

or question his parentage


with derision or spite.

There is no need to subjugate the sexes.


These are not my words but words of history

designed to condemn, rank and despise.


Without system we can be one

a powerful union of mind and spirit.


Polar strengths draw together and rise up

saving energy for a true f...

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Making a list

Alone does not hurt or brutalise

Alone does not drink beer and sing

Alone does not leave socks on the floor

Alone does not make me overdrawn

Alone does not run the risk of something broken

Alone does not make promises

Alone does not make me weep

Alone does not tell me what to think

Alone does not think it's all ok

Alone does not keep score

Alone sound alr...

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Untitled as yet!

When all is said and done

I think my motives were pure.

I did it for you didn't I?

To keep you safe and to keep you here.


Months and years past,

and here you remained.

Cut of from that part I could never fulfil

He hated me of that I am sure.


In passing I ceased to care

my burning focus to keep you safe.

I wonder still what it cost,

your pr...

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Gnomic love affairs

If you are old and I am young

will it matter upon the rising of the son?

After 30  noone asks, the tasks of children are all in hand

Duties are met and obligations fulfilled

neatness descends and orders our days

Time is the marching band to which we yield.


If I am old and you are young

Will they stop and stare

Will I be carded at the fair?

Beds unmade a...

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Missing your dead heart

Tired of being told I'll never learn

that I like to make it harder

pain is a magnet

it gives feeling.


Torturous pin pricks remind me I'm alive

each word, each curse

a verification, a validation

of shame.


Tangles of self-hate creep around my thighs

gripping my waist to take hold

sucking me in...

to a forbidden mourning.

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Gotta give her a kick

 Maybe this time it'll stick

Get it through that thick skull

Foot pulled back, Impact hard.

Ribs broken

Will taken

Mind taken

Heart broken

Bones can heal and strength rebuilds

Minds can be filled

 But hearts remain broken

Blows traded and scars faded

 The words got through eventually

Impact Hard.


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Not for tomorrow

Its all so new and exciting the power to say what I think

a secret smile

a knowing glance

a hand not quite touching


Will it be enough

will it carry through

Can it last til the sun sets

and then rise anew


Those answers are not for you or I

but for now I writhe and feel voluptuous at your touch


sparkling we glow, setting the world alight


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Leaving yesterday

Will you now ask me

what it was that I wanted

all those years ago?


Will you now listen

to an answer so sadly told?


Will you be receptive

to a river of change?


The response a no

resolute and resounding

through our empty home.


The result, desertion

recrimination, anger and pain.


Th Catalyst now runs freely and without f...

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