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When all is said and done

I think my motives were pure.

I did it for you didn't I?

To keep you safe and to keep you here.


Months and years past,

and here you remained.

Cut of from that part I could never fulfil

He hated me of that I am sure.


In passing I ceased to care

my burning focus to keep you safe.

I wonder still what it cost,

your protection?


Is it the price of a childhood lost,

or of memories stolen before they are made?

The answers I guess are held in the future.

When you learn and judge,

and maybe tell me

to go to hell.

How I hope not.

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winston plowes

Mon 23rd Jan 2012 23:46

Hi Ksy. Really enjoyed this. Makes the reader search behind the lines and in doing so maybe search inside themselves, Win x

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Mon 23rd Jan 2012 23:40

I can really identify with this piece. But, I am imagining myself the subject of protection lol. In essence it's a very good poem. I just wonder whom it's aimed at, and how they would feel about it.

Just proves you care really. But at what cost, only the future will tell eh?

Stay well kayberley.

Best wishes



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Gray Nicholls

Tue 17th Jan 2012 22:56

really enjoyed this - perhaps the last line 'How I hope not' could do with breaking away from the rest of that stanza however.

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