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Taking a break for a while

I know that I worry if I notice some people haven't posted for a while. So I am just letting those kind folk who leave likes and comments on my attempts know that I am taking a bit of time off WOL. Hopefully I will be back to annoy you all soon with my daily attempts. Jx 

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Jobs For A September Day

Time well spent in the garden 
jobs for a September day
The big tidy up is done
now Autumn is on its way 

Tonne of logs delivered 
for the cold winter nights ahead 
Neatly stacked and stored 
in the newly organised woodshed

Some plants saw their last day
the lawn had its last Summer trim
Patios have been swept clean 
the green bin filled to the brim

The garden looks spick and spa...

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Harvest Moon

Serene, calm and peaceful 
gleaming, pearlescent moonlight 
Deep, dark and mystical
the late September night 

Big, bold and beautiful 
glowing, fluorescent white  
Full, round and magical
the harvest moon tonight 

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Golden Sea Of Sunshine

A glorious morning
bathed in early Autumnal glow 
Golden sea of sunshine 
washes over the land below 
A sunrise full of promise
welcoming the brand new day
Molten honey coloured skies
melting your troubles away

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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A Weekday Walk Up Whernside

Ribblehead was the starting point 
of our first long walk for quite a while  
The highest of the Yorkshire three peaks 
the planned route was nine and a half miles

Along with many others it seemed
we had chosen a good weather day
Groups of schoolchildren, friends and couples
we met along the narrow pathway

We climbed up the long limestone stairway
beside the train track and gentle str...

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Misty Autumnal Morning

This veiled, sleepy, magical scene
brings a sense of mystery our way
This misty Autumnal morning
brings the promise of a beautiful day

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Red Kite

A beautiful skyward scene 
moody early morning sky
Bright sun breaks through cloudy grey
where the red kite soars so high

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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The Mythical Story Of Devil’s Bridge

How did Devil’s Bridge get its name 
is a question still asked today
Here is how the story goes 
and what local legend has to say 

It’s a tale of an old woman
who came to fetch her cow one day
She arrived at the River Lune
to find her cow had lost its way 
It had strayed to the other side
now the river flowed fast and deep 
There was no way to get across
she despaired and began to ...

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9/11 2021

Twenty years have passed us by
since the nine eleven terrorist attack 
The news coverage reminds us of that day
brings all those emotions back 

67 British lives were lost that day 
innocent folk just going about their business 
No one could ever imagine 
the horror the world would witness

It feels a little wrong somehow 
today brings some good news to celebrate 
On the twentieth anni...

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Hazy September Morning

Hazy September morning
I waken to misty skies
Bathed in dreamy golden hues 
buttery yellow sunrise

As the wildflowers gently fade 
in meadows brittle and dry
I sense the Autumn chill 
waving our summer goodbye

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Just Two Frolicking Rabbits

The late heatwave is over
this morning brings a grey sky
I find a ray of sunshine 
in the fields as I pass by

Just two frolicking rabbits
playing around having fun
Brightens up this dull morning 
all that’s missing is the sun

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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So Frustrating

plotting, planning
printing, scanning
sizing, tiring 
pricing, trying

drawing, sketching 
spending, stretching
checking, testing 
building, nesting



guessing, straining
stressing, draining
hating, waiting 
so frustrating

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Wild Swan

A swan and her cygnets
swimming in a line
Like an old steam engine
majestic and fine 

Gracefully gliding 
following her lead 
Slow and steady pace
tracking through the weed


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Rich Pickings (rewrite)

A late Summer morning
captivating sunrise
The suns glow radiates
clouds drift on inky skies 

Dew dazzles like diamonds 
on grass of emerald green
Berries hang like rubys 
birds feast like kings and queens

Mother Natures banquet 
found amongst shrubs and trees 
Bronze, copper and gold leaves 
shiver on the cool breeze 

Wild fruit for the taking 
a tempting, tasty treat
Lavish je...

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Rich Pickings

On a late Summer morning
I take in the early sunrise
Golden glow radiates warmth
as clouds drift across inky skies

I sense Autumn approaching
catch my breath on the chilly breeze
The wonder of nature’s harvest 
appears on the laden trees 

I see the changing of season
I hear the hands of time ticking 
The riches that Autumn brings
will soon be here for our picking

Photo credit ...

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Late Summer, Early Morning

Late Summer, early morning
in good old London City
Cheered by this floral display
pastel colours so pretty 

A light, delicate palette
green, yellow, pink and white
Airbrush my commute today
a picture perfect delight

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Busy Bumble Bee

Busy busy bee
in a feeding frenzy  
Gorging on pollen 
getting rather messy 

Black and yellow stripes
a sprinkling of dust
Greedy bumble bee
full and fit to bust

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Allow me to introduce myself
my name is Herdy
I am bred from Herdwick stock
resilient, strong and sturdy 

I live on the Lakeland fells
rugged, mountainous and high
I have a thick, woolly coat 
which keeps me warm and dry

My fleece is coarse, cloudy grey 
bristly, wavy and wiry
My head is soft, snowy white
my face is cute and smiley

I roam free in lush, green fields
rest by rushi...

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The First Of September

The potted plant colours are fading
and the acer trees are turning brown
There’s a chillier feel to the day  
and I am feeling a little down

Next doors veg plot has been turned over 
and the school fields are mown and ready 
I can’t believe August is over 
and September is here already

Children prepare for the new school year 
Covid chaos means further delays 
There are calls for mor...

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