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summertime feeling

the sun gleams as i open my eyes,

no words could have described it,

to wake up with a warm feeling inside ,

its a wonderful feeling i admit.


how wierd it is how the silence awkens,

no traffic to disterb the sound,

whilst mums cooking the bacons,

making sure its crispy and brown





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new start

entry picture

one day my dark days will be over

and i will be happy,

but not until i have helped myself

get over the darkness of my past

and see the bright sunny days through with happiness and joy.

i will not let my dark past run me 

as i am one with the future

the bright new future in front of me 

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A poem for you

I look at the sun each day 

Wondering how my life could have been differant 

Walking on paths, and thinking, which way 

All of them seem gloomy none of them magnificent 

As tears roll down my face 

Wishing I knew what to do 

The struggle in each breath I take 

Its not as easy as it looks 

Nothing is as easy as it looks 

But determination I used 

My feelings could have...

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My story

When I was only a little kid, I had a lot of things happening in my life. I was a kid who's parents didn't know a lot about me or what was happening to me I think that I should start to speak about what my uncle had done to me for 4 years straight. I didn't understand what he was doing until I got a lot older and understood more on how to stop it. It scares me on how to bring it out because I don'...

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