Misery to peace

I need to be honest with you about something i've been keeping from you.
I'm not see threw so I know how easy it is to keep things from you. Our first time through was rough and I really messed up too. I'm a liar. I would deny in hope that I wouldn't hurt you . In return it hurt me and made it even worse for you. As hard as it is for me to say, but I had a one night stand without you. Drunken to a stupor, the next day I said I'd go sober but that didn't last much longer. The pain I saw in your eyes with the unknowing of what happened to me that night. Pain turned to fustration that built a wall between our spaces. I couldnt stop pacing so i had you move places. Some how that mistake added more value to you, I couldn't stop thinking of you no matter how hard I  tried to ignore you. No one compares to how I feel about you.
Only you have touched places in my heart that are so hard to get to. The second time through I didn't change for you, I changed because the love felt true. This thorn I've kept in my heart turned it dark. Now I can pull it out, knowing I've released it with words from my heart. I'm sorry for putting you through one of the worst misery's someone can go through. 

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