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Everything's blooming

Everyone's sneezing

The flowers are dancing

The birds are feeding

Pollen is in air

Twigs are in beaks

Spring into joy!

The world is alive

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"The Little Way" (Thérèse de Lisieux)

"A lick and a promise,"

mom would say, 

when we kids were cleaning house with her.

Such a valuable lesson--

baby steps, little steps,

or as Mother Teresa would say,

"small things done with great love."

I have no memory of mom ever rushing--

5 kids, a traditional husband, and a part-time job teaching, 

she just took things slow and steady.

I rushed alot in my adulthood...

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Letting Go (Eventually)

Conversations rise and fall,

words exchanged,

sometimes loud,

sometimes whispered,

sometimes angry,

sometimes soft.

Static electricity dances in the air long after the voices have fallen silent,

emotions ride the electric waves of memory, 

stored in the cells,

ready to remind.

Pain followed by 

forgiveness (eventually)

works best,

letting go,

until memory ...

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"Electromagnetic soul," he said.

Well, there's an interesting term, I thought.

Energy is never created or destroyed, it is only transformed,

a basic premise of physics, he explained.

We are energy, and when a body dies, the electromagnetic energy of the soul continues on, he posited.

Well that makes sense, thinketh me.

What fun, traveling at the speed of light,

our beautiful, ...

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Just Another Day in Paradise

Sometimes we are wise and graced,

breathing softly through the day.

Other times we are lost and spaced,

wandering aimlessly about the day.

Compassion threads our time together,

laughter lightens our sighs of worry,

we try, we try again.

Hold me close,

lift me up,

let heaviness fly away in the breeze of a feather.

She put the feather in her hair,

we cleaned and orga...

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Today I will see


but beauty


no matter what arrives

I set my radio dial

to beauty.

What then is beauty?

The unfolding of potential,

the art of possibility,

the color of the wilting rose

in the vase 

on the table 

left over from Mother's Day, 

the hop of the bird

among the thorny weeds

that I started pulling 

out from the ground


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Rising Day

Get up and move and be joyful

The entire universe rumbles through your bones

You are infinity expressed

Feel the beating of all the hearts of life

The birds and the trees and the weeds and the insects

The crows and the olive branches and the dandelions and the ladybugs

Are all soaring and waving and bowing and alighting

To hear your song

Your sweet melody

Rise and move


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Beautifully Adorned

Let the rain fall

and wash over me,

cleansing me of all my earthly travails.

Oh how quickly we lose our faith when troubles and worries alight at our door step!

We are not flowers,

we are humans,

but flowers are so beautifully adorned,

are we not equally cherished?

"Consider the lilies of the field...."

we are reminded.

Life comes and life goes,

everything vibrates...

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Listening to a Woman of 103 Years of Age

There is an old woman

who lives in a desert town

who has reached the amazing age of 103.

She was an m.d. by profession and pioneered a holistic approach.

I watched her being interviewed on a video podcast.

"What do you find inspiring about humankind in your 100 plus years of being here?"

the interviewer asked her.

"Why this," she responded, "that we can be talking together, li...

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Thoughts on Water Heaters, Cars, and People

Waiting for the water-heater-repair guy,

what a luxury

to have a tank that produces 

hot water on demand,

don't have to build a fire

to heat up a cauldron of water.

Waiting for the car repair to be finished,

what a luxury

to have this horizontal metal box

with four wheels and an engine,

don't have to walk miles every day to gather food and supplies.

These modern th...

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Fun With Words

"Everything happens for a reason."

Well, I don't know,

but if so,

it's sometimes not for me to know--

the why.

"All things work out for the good for those who love God."

Well, I like to define God as divine consciousness,

and since we have consciousness

and hence one could say we are part of God,

that phrase could be shortened to say,

"All things work out for the good...

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