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I've been writing a lot lately 
Nothing's been coming out
So what's been fine since I've not been fine
I know you have a mountain that I can't climb
I've been trying to mine mine
Maybe if you could look through the lines
You could understand I'm not lying anymore

How long until Suffocation becomes a pill
I know I'm dramatic all the time
I'm mellowing out like a fine wine
I still can't ...

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I Bet

I bet you never truly forget about me
I bet you thought I would never get another job
I bet you look down on me 

I don't understand you
You say that I'm a sad boy that will never grow up
If that's the case then call me when you're sober
Your attention little grabbing cheat
Baby I thought you said you love me forever aren't you full of shit

I bet you never truly forget about me
I bet y...

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The devil pray for the light again
He was assumed by rage when it did not beckon
His fears dried up like dust the world crumbled around him
We found him bleeding upon his grace

Still, he was petrified from his actions
The man inside realized he was flawed
What a fate worse than death
Anxiety misled me with a doubt

The devil inside is killing us
So pray to Angels all you like
You forg...

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I learned how to run before I could walk
Because I can breathe fine without you
It's hard to say but I am now happy
The feeling took forever but I can think clear
I know we've all had some pretty fucked up days

So just keep breathing and try to love yourself
If the sky is falling then you run chicken little
the whole world's going to keep moving
If you stand still it's going to leave you...

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Going Back Home

I'll be going back to Washington soon 
I think it's time to go home
I've been gone for four years 
I wonder how things have changed
Dad always tells me that the country's died since I left
That I'm lucky that my mom was born in Romania
My plan was to go back last year 
It's time to face the things I can't face
Time to face the broken Healthcare System
I also have time to go see the mounta...

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