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Lexie Cauliflower on Yearning (Thu, 13 Oct 2016 09:21 pm)

Lexie Cauliflower on Him (Thu, 13 Oct 2016 09:18 pm)

Tommy Carroll on Yearning (Tue, 16 Aug 2016 06:31 pm)


....He only knew my body but never yearned to learn my soul

So in the depths of our passion I found myself cold

Was it the scent of his manhood or the caress of his eyes

His hands on my stomach rolling down my thick thighs?

His touch made me quiver, his breath made me Shake

I realized this man was no more than a snake

My body's had all that my mind cannot take

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I long to feel your breath against my lips once more, to wake up to your scent embedded in my pillows 

I miss the way you rub on my belly and smooth out my eyebrows and kiss me on my forehead while we lay in bed

You are always on my mind

I ache to be the first one you think of when you open your eyes and your last thought before you close them

I yearn to be what I am not , it's time I ...

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Twisted and afraid

Scattered and bleak


Muttled sounds blustered by equivocating lips

Its so loud

I can't hear you

It's so loud

Why cant I hear you


Desecrated teardrops racing to meet the suns light

Escaping to dance atop the angles of the silhouette that house my racing thoughts 

Impatiently prancing along the creases and crevices of the embedde...

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