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spitting in the street

let's go on a march for the mentally ill
up at the front are those of good will
and them with a badge and minor symptoms- but still -
waving their banners and demanding of pills

while back in the tenements behind the sofas
are the frightened neurotics the papers call loafers
'pity them pity them' the crowd call in slur
reinforcing the stigma - that is for sure

we're winning the war for...

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Mental Illness

Lifting The Lid

Lifting The Lid.

of Oberon and Titania
on this warm midsummer night

in the empty house
the attic was full of rats
and ablaze with light

stepping carefully
around the marbles
scattered across the floor

on the table
a pack of cards
with jokers and aces missing

a bowl of nuts
a plate of crackers
a drawer of loose screws

the rocking chair
by sawing off it...

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