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This chilling loathe I bear,

I’d cut him up and boil him,

And hang his bones in my lair,

Then fuck his whore mother.

This despicable boy I hate,

I would take his eyes with spoons,

And serve them on a plate,

For one lucky homeless man.

Oh, let me count the ways,

In which I hate thee,

One, two, three,

Infinity, Infinity.

You are my mortal enem...

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bad personenemyhatehatredviolence.

Wishing For Rain


Now with added audio (felt better read).


Wishing For Rain


She spent that week,

Wishing for rain.


Every morning that




Reaching towards her.


But a dry week

Of flat-packs

And quick pick-me-ups

From a garden sale,

Hid the hate.

An attempt to resuscitate

The happy days of swing

Seats, and...

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Rinse Cycle


Rinse Cycle


It’s all about those up-downs

In the stomach,

I did it for the hit-and-miss;

A squeeze in the gut.


That’s what it was,

Hate for love, love for hate

And all of those.

Drawing together opposites;

Sucking in at the teeth,

And raging at opposites.


Love-hate, war-peace.

War-love, hate-peace.

I fought in words, li...

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