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Open up

Open your eyes and see 

What's there before you 

The reality isn't a dream 

Nor a state of day dreaming 


Open your mind and reflect 

What's real is in the form of flesh and bones 

The ghosts and spirits never have it 

There's a difference between two things 


Open your heart and feel it 

Fake friends and love that promises ghosting 

True friends and love are ...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

The Knowing | After years of hardships | Lessons of life | It's all in the name | A better bargain |

Upon the Marsh


We walked atop twelve thousands years

Each metered strata rich with toil,

Beyond the streets that nurse our fears

We breathed the air time could not spoil.


While deeper down the past was trod

Each step on step we moved on by,

And too uncaring of the sod

Raised up our gaze to fragile sky.


And as that thinning blister yields

Might we pay heed upon the Land?


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Also by Massoud:

Britannia Rex |


After the armies moved on, either routed or doing the routing, the field would be left to the looters.  Soldiers, no doubt, but also camp followers such as wives, prostitutes and baggage train minders, along with any locals.  They’d loot the dead, dying and wounded of anything of value – coins, clothing, weaponry, rings, boots.  Even teeth were pulled out with pliers, which for years were known as...

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Also by John Coopey:


For Arianne

If you're only losing, if you can't win your game

If all you draw is out of luck, unhappy and insane

Then think of Arianne and how we used to be

The hope of generations, a light for all to see

And I don't know why they took you

But this is all I know

I will never let us go

I will never let us go 

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Also by Kevin Tan:

There's always a h ❤️ art in cappuccino | ♚ Castling ♖ | Distressed 😖 out | Taxing 💸 value of contributions | The 🖐🏻 Goodbye | Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth 👑 | Please let me believe in l💖ve | Mac🍪ron | You don't have to tell me 🧑‍🎨 (Dutch) | For my 🧍‍♂️ mates 🧍 | 🐚Metaphormo🐛is🦋 |

Arianne Caoili




This England

this land of pleasant green

"Long live The King"

"Britannia rules the waves"

and other jingoistic phrases

that were used,

while flags were waved,

so many years ago.


This England

that grew fat on trading slaves

and subjugation,

the struggling poor controlled

by lack of education.


This England,

a land of pleasant green


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Also by Flyntland:


In Town

A sweary man goes by;

Young Pauline and her brood

Buy more unhealthy food,

As usual.


No trains run this weekend,

Replacement bus is late,

Street’s in a shoddy state,

As usual.


The sports shop has closed down;

New nail bars and the ‘caff’

Look positively naff,

As usual.


There, where the bank once was,

An empty carcass stands,

But no one dirt...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Difficult Decisions | Izium | High Season (Our Village Liberated) | Time | 1966 | The Big Men | King |

Nelson Mandela

Once there lived an amazing man -
Nelson Mandela was his name.
And though he suffered much injustice,
No-one would he ever blame.

Twenty seven years he spent in prison,
And with much cruelty he would face.
And while he felt to no-one hatred,
He wished to make the world a better place.

Without bitterness or vengeance,
Everyone he understood.
And though he was badly treated,
He saw in...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Believe... |

Stuart VannerNelson Mandela


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Weekly WalkaboutsVerse, E.G., TO SPACIOUS SOUTHPORT - AUTUMN 2000

Poem 127 of 230:  TO SPACIOUS SOUTHPORT - AUTUMN 2000

Most of the leaves
    Of poplar trees
Had fallen free
    When to the sea,
By bus then train,
    In stop/start rain,
I headed-down
    From Radcliffe Town.

After Wigan,
    The train began
To pass across
    What to me was
A coastal plain
    To see again -
With varied crops,
    And grazing ops.

From the station,

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take off your coat

take off your pants

off come scarves

and the hat


I remove my shoes

I lose that watch

stripping off jewels

biting gloves


in this dance

the planet spins

we lean back

in light years


I kiss your hands

you scratch my back

we eat our flesh

sucking on nails


removing skin

chewing bones

piercing eyes

with the on...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Competing narratives | Dedication | Personal Spam |

Music Lovers❤️

     Rock music

Pop music

Old music 

New music

    Classical music

Jazz music

Soul music

Sad music

     Punk bands

Glam bands

Garage bands

Brass bands

     Plastic Ono Band

Gastric bands

Elastic bands

Radio wave bands

       Metal bands

Grunge bands

New age bands

Brit pop bands

       Boy bands

Girl bands

Big bands

Bad bands


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Also by Rick Varden:

Needles and Pins | Customer Service | Lady Desiree |

Despair on fiscal policy

Trickle down, my arse...

quite literally...

Trickle away, more like...

Up some wall  

Or down some leg

or if you'd like it more poetic

ebbing away on a foreign beach

Some 'haven' in the sun...











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Also by Isobel:

A Poem for Elizabeth |




Jealousy is a friend of evil doers

They get along well with eachother 

It helps them enjoy others sorrows 

And they celebrate when others they hurt 


Jealousy is a lethal weapon of a weak man 

He holds on to it like a child holding his mother 

And carries this weapon everywhere he goes 

Envying all those who live a comfortably happy life with their family  


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Also by N.B:

*healing | Dark souls | One last time | *crème de la crème | Teaser | 😁 | B. E (Bachelors is Eng) | Live and let live | Psychopathic?? | Who am I? | Who am I? | Trace my feelings if you can |

The Good Old Days

3 liars on the shirt

P.Patel still smirking

HanCock likes to flirt

Johnson still is shirking

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'The Daleks take the Treasury'

Easy to spot them. 

Another metallic voice in parliament. 

Exterminate the economy! 

Pound plunges, Britannia unhinged. 

The Daleks take the Treasury. 

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Also by Greg Freeman:

The funeral |

Morning People

All my life
I’ve been enthralled
by the magic 
and the mystique
of morning people

Morning people
with their exercise 
and croissant
with their coffee cups
and yoga

Morning people
with their dew-kissed lawns
mythic sunrises
and shop shutters still rattling open
as they arrive to get a paper

Morning people
who wake, rise and stretch
without the solar flare of daylight

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Also by Tom:

The Sunlit Ocean |


Resigners poem

Lifting stones find meanings hid

You noticed it but didn't notice you did

I've been there too its in my ordinance

But I didn't officialy register the coordinance

I thought it too but didn't play it through

So the finders rights are all for you

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Alternative histories

Photo by Pixabay on

On 29 May 1453 the Greek Christian city of Constantinople finally fell to Muslim armies. At least 4 million Christian Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians, who had resisted conversion to Islam for 500 years, survivors of the Byzantines, were slaughtered by the Turks, many in the early C20. Now there are 2000 Christians in Constantinople and 15 million Muslims.


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Also by John E Marks:

Unholy | Homage to Nietzsche | Sheer lunacy | AGNUS DEI | Glance, glimpse, gleam | Tired starlings | Fear in a handful of dust | The Resurrection of the Dead | Epiphany | Rainy September | Konstantinoupolis | A sort of virtue: Θάρρος thárros | Where I'm from | Patriotic | Wind-blown | The biggest council estate in Europe | Between | Half-term | EARLY MORNING INNER CITY | The photograph | PROSE & CONS |

A viS it

He comes again to me

Peering through my window

Penetrating my mind

Taking over my body

He was rarely there before

But now stands beside me

All the time, a steady constant 

His cry is now loud

He used to whisper calmly in my ear

Guiding me gently

Across fields , down rivers

Over mountains 

Delighting me with his magic

His wondrous conjuring tricks

Awaking n...

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Also by Edbreathe:

ReST | Silence | Q | We must move on | X plains |

hear it now!

if you show yourself to me 

i will disappear under the vastness of linen filled lines.

i will run through clouded streets until my legs give way. 

if you loan yourself to me 

the farthest hills out yonder 

arent far enough for me. 

the distance to be put 'tween us 

by me, 

must be longer than the wizened vines that grow from your mothers childhood home. 

must be wider th...

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Also by Nadia Coia:

sure | big girls don't cry except when it is absolutely not the right time to do so. | don't hmu. | I couldn't think of another stanza |

poempoetpoetryshort storyfictionprosenon fictionstory

A Tram Ride in Prague

Our tram car sets off with a mighty jolt

And proceeds with haughty, indignant haste, 

Which seems to suggest there is no time to waste. 

The speed increases as we race down the hill,

We're holding on tight to the guardrails, still,

Before we slow down to an easier rhythm,

As we turn round a corner and start to climb,

Leaving tall buildings and  hotels behind.


More tram...

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Also by John Botterill:

The Final Blessing | Life as a golf lesson | Her Word was her Bond. | A Grand Day Out | Cloud Nine | On Holiday in Sheringham | The Old Vicarage Garden | Not Long Ago |


It can change its shape, and its form.
Just like the Sun, disguising a storm.
It can even lend you a mask to wear.
But deep inside, it'll always be there.

It can suddenly appear out of the blue.
Just like an old acquaintance to renew.
Sometimes I think has it chose to leave.
Has it got anymore tricks up its sleeve?

On your shoulder, you might feel a tap.
Alł you energy and fervour, it...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Voices | Pink For Olivia | If It Can Fly | Two Little Girls |

Give Up Mr Putin

Wake up Mr Putin 
smell the coffee hot and strong
You may consider you are right 
but you couldn’t be more wrong 

Hear them Mr Putin 
the strong women of your land 
Not willing to give up their men 
to risk their lives as you demand

Watch them Mr Putin
as the brave men turn and flee
Rejecting your coercive ways 
and military call up plea

Wake up Mr Putin 
your tactics are weak a...

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Also by julie callaghan:

WOL Access to previous posts | Calm Morning | Ducks In The Rain | We Will Meet Again | Just A Number | Marmalade Hues | The Queue | By The Lancaster Canal | Interesting Read | Rich Tapestry | Dazzling Dahlias | Brave Robin | The Cortege | A Wonderful Image | Our Queen | Beautiful Soul | RIP Her Majesty The Queen | Her Majesty | Todays News | New PM | Cloudy Outlook | When A Robin Appears | Ip Dip Sky Blue | Sunrise Gold | My Name Is Herdy | Question | Innocent And Young | First Of September |

Apologies for not responding / commenting promptly.

Have been very busy getting my own website up and running.

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Also by Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh:



See what I see. A world full of people. Who want to be Free.. Free to be loved. Free only to see. All hands together. A World that is Free. Free to love. Free to please. Free to care. And free to Share. These Feelings like no Other. A feeling of being Free. Our hands are made for Joining. Our faces show how it feels.Join all hands together. Be as one . Be At Peace.

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Also by Wendy A Higson:

Queen Elizabeth |

Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast

You smile—I smile

You laugh I laugh

‘You seem ready to meet the love of your life’

‘I am—I don’t do things by halves’


‘I want it all’

‘So do I’

‘What brings you joy? And what makes you cry?’

‘Kindness is so important’

‘I think so too’

‘You seem like the real deal, sir’

‘And so, do you’


I thought you were a knight, sir

A quiet success th...

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A head versus heart duel, 

for the hard-headed 

but not the faint of heart;

could this be that pivotal

moment of choosing

between the mooring 

of a leaden logic,

or the timeless chagrin

of a mercurial reverie?

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Universal | Home... |


like taking a core sample

searching, pushing deep

a savage gut twist,


Michelle ma Belle,

sont les mots qui vont

tres bien ensemble


an exhumation dragging

memories back to the surface

kicking and screaming

as captured evidence


Lucy worked a different club every day

and though she put her mind to it

her heart was never in it


neat slices, a ...

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Grammar School Guy


During a McDonalds stint, I perfected the art of the squint  

Escaping the gloom in the male changing room

It was late ’94, the first time I saw

this guy from the grammar school strip to his jock

I thought it rude not to glance what’s under his pants

My eyes couldn’t stop, my eyes were on lock

He had that grammar school voice my co-workers des...

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The Nation Bids its Queen Farewell

The immaculate hearse

Noses its way forward

To meet the crowds


Within its protection

A coffin fashioned of English oak

Draped with the Royal Standard,

The noonday sun and sadness


This would be the final journey

One of committal; for our Queen

Deeply loved, honoured and respected


The route lined with loyal subjects

Their faces lined with tears


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Also by Brenda Wells:

The Poet She is Fierce |

The power of manifestation.

Oh ask it from the universe,

Begg it through the all the magical miracles you experienced.

All the the prettiest dreams once began from manifestations,

A long process it seems,

Mixed with all the ingredients

Out of all one is the idea of manifestation,

It lies in the eyes of the believer, the one who is patient wins the battle.

A horse is always prepared for the day of battle ...

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Wild Woman (16.)

While the entirety of the world was in such a damn hurry she smoothed out the grass below her and fixated her gaze upon the most golden sky. 


At peace. 

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

August. | Death at loves first sight. | Universe. | Addicted. |





I am grateful for...


The arched roof above my head

The twin rafters with 

The twin lights, holding it in place

The four walls surrounding me

The two windows with

The two Venetian blinds, down & shut at all times

The red brick floor below my feet

The wooden shelves full of books & movies

The VHS by themselves & DVDs in clear totes


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Also by Dee Allen.:


Coronavirus Pandemicbeing thankfulgiving thanksessential workersBlack Lives Mattermutual aiddisaster reliefveganismcreative writing


I was in two minds about androgenous

(i had to check its leaning)

But I knew about misogynous

And how it was demeaning.


But the word had been created

And that fact got me thinking

What had seen it often stated

With no hint of nudge or winking?


What had brought about the name

And the accusing finger

That is very quick to blame

With cries of "Shame" that li...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:

LEGACY | 100 | MY LONDON - SEPTEMBER 2022 | THAT SMILE - a final image to treasure | HITTING THE SPOT |

not here

Not a sound,
Not a peep,
Not the orchestra or symphony,
Dancing shadows against the track,
Gold in flecks amounts to the bright,
A sun beam streaming through feathers,
And in a cold ground risen,
The water from the depth above,
Zealous in the natured tepid,
Concrete walls between foundations.

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Also by Alita Moore:

clay bells ringing | empty | fleeting me | moments of childhood |



It was begging for a flask of tea.

Some friendly grief to ease

competitive tears,

pomp and fallacy,

clip-clopped concrete.

Not another curtsey, criss-cross

2am Catholic duty.


It was dying for some hot and sweet;

warm to whet collective whistle,

char to shuffle,

not like cards,

the Queen of Hearts in Carroll’s hand.

No rabbit, black, plucked from hats


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Also by Laura Taylor:

Simon Said |

A Row Of Beans


The arch poet tends to his row of beans
as once he broadcast words across the land.
He sighs for these stems of rogue angle
for as he outgrows limelight well deserved 
his arguments pale, but not love, for love
the arch poet tends to his row of beans.

For love the arch poet made the verses
to challenge the spirit of any age
who in adversity is found unfair.
He created a space for p...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Rehabilitation Of The Lemming | I Hear The Frog | The Weather-Vane | The Importance Of Being Decent |

TributeW.B. Yeats

I Hope

I hope you'll love what's left of me

After life has had its fill

I hope you'll see in those old eyes

There's love & laughter still


I hope my skin of brittle parchment 

Can be traced by loving fingers 

I hope this weary sheet of braille 

Shows an epilogue still lingers 


I hope our hands still intertwine 

Like stars cling to the sky

I hope we waltz through amb...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

Goodbye | Our Lily | Love |


Derek Joins the Queue

Derek’s in the queue

With a bag of whisky miniatures

He’ll need something warm

To get him through the night

He didn’t think his hip flask

Would make it through security

So long as he’s not too pissed

He should be alright


Derek’s in the queue

With a plastic union jack

But flags are not allowed

So he’ll drop it in the street

A patriotic queue

Should have f...

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Also by Steve White:

They Sang God Save the Queen | Spaffer Bids Farewell to Downing Street |

Modern Conveniences

I keep calling my mother's voicemail,

though she’s been gone for months,

to hear her voice again

I consider leaving a message, but don’t

Even with loss in bloom,

I’m sure I’ll be stronger soon

Maybe I’ll think of something to say

when the torrent of memories

aren’t crashing in all around me


It’s just a simple message to leave

You’ll be there one more time for...

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Diamonds on the Water, and Boats at Low Tide | Fixing a Hole |

Missing Us

It’s been a while since you came 

Crashing on my shores.

Waves tore us apart,

Time widened the gap.


Seasons have passed,

Tides have changed,

And us with it.


I still scan the horizon 

For a glimpse of you 

How you have been, 

How life has treated you.


I wish you’d come back to me.

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As the Courage That Sees The Blue


As the Courage That Sees The Blue



     Our World keeps no company,

Our collective, ‘keep’ no company.


     Ours is a vulnerability beneath The Van Alan Belt -

authority knows gives license to keep

us as lab rats - lame,


     ours, is the company of pain,

‘ours, is more than the company of pain -

     as they withhold a psychic ethereal – screaming.’


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Also by ZTK Space:

Now Pains the Builder | Incoherence | The Scabbard Done |

A Hopeful Tail

The Landrover bounced rapidly over the cumulus and cirrus

finding the Great Gate unlocked and opened wide.

A fine welcome she was given, with smiles and widespread arms,

and full angel choir to receive her, as certainly due

to one who had faithfully maintained her youthful promise,

and had always done her best even when severely tried.


Then a disorderly yapping silenced the ...

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Colouring Book

Colouring Book


Wherever I’ve stood.

Buttershaw, New Orleans, Basildon.

I’ve always looked for the people

who knew truths. Not Gods, but folk

who could tell the story of the Blues.


I could speak of theirs and mine.

But over time, I’ve reached a point

where history only informs. It’s how

and what we do next that matters.

When we turn from blue to gold, perhaps...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

18th Pale Descendant |

Don’t play it again. Uncle Sam:

Mr America,

Why do you shout?

You’re really a loudmouth.

That’s without doubt.

You scream patriotism from deep in your lungs.

At those with diverse traditions, an assortment of tongues,

In the land of the free, you incarcerate those

Less fortunate than most, those too easily disposed


Mr America,

Why do you gloat?

As you sail away to damnation,

In your open-top...

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Also by Russell Jacklin:

Faded Pictures | Simile and Metaphor | Goodbye | To old, too young | 1997, She’s gone | Death in polite society is quieter. |


Earthbound, spellbound in thrall to majesty

without a sound. Silence that fills some monstrous need

never to be satisfied with so many mouths to feed. 

Still they come with muffled tread as if their mourning

might raise the dead. In years to come these thoughts

now fresh will set like the stone of ancient walls

witness to a light that dies, a silence weeping to the skies. 

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Also by ray pool:


Muddled Thoughts

They reek of curiosity, the ones in dark

Exuding hatred, for them a frivolous task

The robed gaffer said crippled was history

For me, 'twas a feint memory. 

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Looking for Subs.

Looking for subbmissons of poetry and and short stories for a one off book i am making. If I like the stuff it goes in, If i don't, It don't.  send no more than 8 poems please. Would prefer stuff with a bit of an edge but will take a look an anything.

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Drifting Away



Sitting all alone by myself

at the seashore awaiting the sunset;

Reminiscing the moments we had,

when we last met.


As I stared across the horizon

noticing how surreal it is,

The evening winds blew relentlessly

snapping out the twigs of tender trees.


An impending silence was setting in

as the birds have paused.

By taking me for granted,only I co...

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Also by Sagnik Nandi:

A smile |

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