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Keats Grove, London, NW3 2RR, GB

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Events held at this venue

Brittle Star: Issue 24 Launch (Last event on 7th October 2009 19:00)

Spoken Word Open Mic @ Keats House (Last event on 30th May 2010)

Launch: Martyn Crucefix 'Hurt' (Last event on 18th November 2010 19:00)

Keats House Poetry Open Mic (Last event on 27th February 2011)

Poetry Lives at Keats House (Last event on 28th May 2011 14:00)

Of Course. I Don't. Love You. (Last event on 1st June 2011 13:00)

Three Voices (Last event on 4th June 2011 18:30)

Brittle Star anthology launch (Last event on 25th August 2011 18:45)

Apples & Snakes plus Keats House Forum present... (Last event on 25th September 2011 14:00)

US poet/Author Derrick Brown Workshop (Last event on 21st September 2011 17:30)

Les Beaux Poètes Sans Merci (Last event on 8th June 2012 19:00)

Extreme Happy Fair- FREE Spoken Word Fair (Last event on 2nd June 2012 18:00)

I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut (Last event on 29th September 2012)

Adrian Mitchell: Come On Everybody (Last event on 24th October 2012 18:30)

An evening with Deryn Rees-Jones & Grahame Davies (Last event on 14th November 2012 18:30)

John Hegley and Friends (Last event on 22nd November 2012)

John Keats Christmas Kabaret (Last event on 21st December 2012 19:00)

Deck the Halls with ... (Last event on 9th December 2012 15:00)

Poems on the Underground (Last event on 17th March 2013 19:00)

Spring Poetry Review launch (Last event on 18th April 2013)

Jane Draycott and Pascale Petit (Last event on 28th May 2013 18:30)

Flamingo feather poetry competition prize event (Last event on 26th May 2013 19:30)

Modern Poetry in Translation (Last event on 2nd June 2013 15:00)

Poetry Review launch party (Last event on 24th July 2013)

Afternoon poems: Heard Melodies are Sweet (Last event on 7th September 2013 15:00)

Poems on the Underground (Last event on 24th October 2013 19:00)

Jo Shapcott's Residency Poems (Last event on 7th November 2013 19:00)

London NW3: London Literature Lounge (Last event on 14th November 2013 18:00)

Keats House Poets Present Joe Dunthorne (Last event on 26th January 2014 14:00)

Afternoon Poems: Musings of the Muses (Last event on 8th February 2014 15:00)

House of Knives (Last event on 13th March 2014 19:00)

London Literature Lounge (Last event on 27th March 2014 19:00)

Keats House Poets Present Indigo Williams (Last event on 30th March 2014 14:00)

Afternoon Poems - Love and Death (Last event on 5th April 2014 15:00)

John Hegley and Friends (Last event on 10th April 2014 19:00)

Keats and the Dreaming Suburbs (Last event on 20th May 2014 19:00)

Keats Festival (Last event on 15th June 2014)

Templar Poetry Live at Keats House (Last event on 27th May 2014 19:00)

Poetry Review Launch Party (Last event on 24th June 2014)

Keats House Poets Present… Miriam Nash (Last event on 27th July 2014 14:00)

Afternoon Poems: War Poetry from Home. (Last event on 9th August 2014 15:00)

Afternoon Poems: Food Poetry (Last event on 10th January 2015 15:00)

Paul Muldoon - One Thousand Things Worth Knowing (Last event on 20th January 2015 19:00)

Templar Poetry Live: 10th Birthday (Last event on 27th January 2015 19:00)

Simon Jenner, David Pollard: Waterloo Poets (Last event on 1st February 2015 15:00)

Templar Poetry Live (Last event on 24th February 2015 19:00)

The Other Side of Sleep (Last event on 28th March 2015 15:00)

Martyrs of India (Last event on 26th March 2015 18:30)

Templar Poetry Live: Keats House (Last event on 7th April 2015 19:00)

A Joy Forever: afternoon tea in Keats' company (Last event on 7th June 2015 14:00)

The Beats: A night of film (Last event on 5th June 2015 19:00)

The Oranges of Revolution - In Dialogue (Last event on 4th July 2015 19:00)

Sue MacIntyre & Paul Blake Launch (Last event on 30th June 2016 19:00)

Whatever Happened to Johnny Keats? (Last event on 3rd July 2016 14:00)

Amaan Hyder At Hajj Book Launch (Last event on 1st June 2017 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: The Pleasures of Tea (Last event on 11th June 2017 14:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Beatrice Garland (Last event on 20th June 2017 19:00)

Keats and the Poems of 1817 (Last event on 30th June 2017 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: La Bella Italia (Last event on 9th July 2017 14:00)

A Joy Forever: ‘I Almost Wish We Were Butterflies’ (Last event on 29th July 2017 14:00)

Summer Jazz and Poetry (Last event on 4th August 2017 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: Railway Rhapsody - A Love Affair (Last event on 13th August 2017 14:00)

Templar Poetry Festival:Writing & Editing Workshop (Last event on 27th August 2017 10:30)

Reading Films/Reading Poetry (Last event on 27th August 2017 13:30)

Templar Poetry Festival: Jane Weir (Last event on 27th August 2017 15:30)

Paul Maddern and Oliver Comins (Last event on 27th August 2017 19:00)

A Joy Forever (Last event on 29th July 2017 14:00)

Bangla Music Festival: Chandra Chakraborty (Last event on 8th September 2017 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: John Keats in 1817 (Last event on 10th September 2017 14:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Elsa Fischer and Ian Harker (Last event on 26th September 2017 19:00)

John Hegley: Peace, Love and Potatoes (Last event on 29th September 2017 19:00)

The Poetry of Keats: A Literary Workshop (Last event on 30th September 2017 11:00)

Jazz and Poetry (Last event on 4th October 2017 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: From Russia in Verse (Last event on 8th October 2017 14:00)

Rommi Smith (Last event on 12th October 2017 19:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Paul Maddern and Lauren Pope (Last event on 24th October 2017 19:00)

Late Night Keats: Regency Gothic (Last event on 27th October 2017 18:30)

Afternoon Poems: ‘It’s Alive!’ – Byron, the Shelle (Last event on 12th November 2017 14:00)

Jo Shapcott (Last event on 21st November 2017 19:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Jean Bleakney & Jane Weir (Last event on 28th November 2017 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: Joyful and Triumphant (Last event on 10th December 2017 14:00)

Keats and Festivity (Last event on 12th December 2017 19:00)

Keats in Hampstead Guided Walk (Last event on 30th December 2017 11:00)

Keats and Twelfth Night (Last event on 5th January 2018 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: Keats and Milton (Last event on 14th January 2018 14:00)

Residency Launch with Hannah Lowe and Michael Rose (Last event on 25th January 2018 19:00)

Keats House Poets Workshop: Poetry as Protest (Last event on 28th January 2018 14:00)

Afternoon Poems: Love (Last event on 11th February 2018 14:00)

The Poetry of Desire with Liz Berry, Richard Scott (Last event on 14th November 2017 19:00)

Late Night Keats: Ah! Dearest Love (Last event on 16th February 2018 19:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Rachel Spence and Seán Martin (Last event on 21st February 2018 19:00)

Keats House Poets Present… Ella Frears (Last event on 25th February 2018 14:00)

Afternoon Poems: Bells, Bells, Bells (Last event on 11th March 2018 14:00)

Poetry Workshop with Hannah Lowe: Love Thy Neighbo (Last event on 24th March 2018 13:30)

Keats House Poets workshop: Writing into Space (Last event on 25th March 2018 14:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Jo Haslam and Clive McWilliam (Last event on 29th March 2018 19:00)

Fled Is That Music: A Modern Musical Adaptation (Last event on 1st April 2018 14:30)

Afternoon Poems: Keats in 1818 (Last event on 8th April 2018 14:00)

Professor Nicholas Roe on Keats in 1818 (Last event on 12th April 2018 19:00)

Family Day: Wondrous Words (Last event on 15th April 2018 14:00)

Keats in the City Guided Walk (Last event on 21st April 2018 11:00)

Poetry Society: Jorie Graham with Sarah Howe (Last event on 24th November 2017 19:00)

Keats House Poets present... Moniza Alvi (Last event on 22nd April 2018 14:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Damian Smyth (Last event on 26th April 2018 19:00)

Afternoon Poems: Avians in Verse (Last event on 9th September 2018 14:00)

Michael O’Neill: Return of the Gift (Last event on 12th September 2018 18:30)

Volunteer open day (Last event on 20th September 2018 16:00)

Open House London - Keats House (Last event on 22nd September 2018 11:00)

Open House London - Keats House (Last event on 23rd September 2018 11:00)

Keats House Poets: Anthony Hett’s workshop (Last event on 23rd September 2018 14:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Tom Weir collection launch (Last event on 27th September 2018 19:00)

The Poetry of Keats: a literary workshop (Last event on 29th September 2018 11:00)

Volunteer Open Day (Last event on 9th October 2018 14:00)

The Romantics Reading Milton (Last event on 10th October 2018 18:30)

The Poetry of Emily Bronte (Last event on 14th October 2018 17:00)

Black History Month Special (Last event on 18th October 2018 18:30)

Family Day: Ghosties and Ghoulies (Last event on 21st October 2018 14:00)

Templar Poetry Live: Laurence O’Dwyer (Last event on 25th October 2018 19:00)

Keats House Poets: Anthony Hett (Last event on 28th October 2018 14:00)

Late Night: My Hideous Progeny (Last event on 31st October 2018 18:30)

Jeremy Reed and The Ginger Light (Last event on 8th November 2018 19:00)

Two minute silence and poetry readings (Last event on 11th November 2018 11:00)

Afternoon Poems: Lest We Forget (Last event on 11th November 2018 14:00)

Family Day: To autumn (Last event on 18th November 2018 14:00)

Nora Crook: Reviewing Frankenstein (Last event on 21st November 2018 18:30)

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