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This event on 11th October 2021 at 19:00 has past.

This event series is no longer running. It last took place on 11th October 2021 at 19:00.

This event has been cancelled.

Open Mic Event


Come and share your poems at this fantastic, friendly open-floor poetry night set in the wonderfully stimulating environment of Stockport Art Gallery.

£1.50 donation is obligatory for all attendees. Entrance is round the right hand side of the gallery.

Entry: £1.50 Donation

Time: 7:00pm

Venue image - Stockport Art Gallery

Stockport Art Gallery

Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK3 8AB, GB

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Last updated: Sat, 9 Oct 2021 02:42 pm

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Reviews for Write Out Loud Stockport

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 4th Oct 2011 15:04

Review of Write Out Loud Stockport, Sept 2011
Dave gave us more explorations of lighthouses in Larn. John delivered a lengthy piece of political blank verse about the uneven treatment of criminals in modern Britain (depending on their perceived class, race or cultural identity). Dorinda wisely and skilfully skirted the worst dangers of this month’s raunchy theme, opting instead for a Romantic Wuthering heights approach. Nigel predictably met the topic of lovemaking head-on, dusting off an old poem about lovemaking (but what else?) that reminded me a lot of D H Lawrence’s famous paean to elephants:
They do not snatch, they do not tear;
               their massive blood
moves as the moon-tides, near, more near,
               till they touch in flood.
Maggie then delivered an opulent poem about the different types of wool used in crocheting, a piece that shimmered with manifold impressions. It reminded me of an impressionist painting in words, in fact. Joanne then declaimed a poem about the love involved in making soup, which cleverly conflated these two concepts in a single vision – and lots of other concepts besides. Meshach then hit us with the funniest poem of the month. In its treatment of sex as a recipe, it was very reminiscent of the famous food episode in Fielding’s Tom Jones. I’m unsure why this fine poem raised the hackles of certain members - yet it surely did! Ah, it takes all sorts...
Kathy gave us an avian piece about the delicacy and fine features of our feathered friends. Andy then recited a good brace on the subject of Autumn, part of a suite he is working on. Both of these poems were splendidly evocative, like all his best work. And with the fine Autumn weather extending into October (touch wood), we can be sure his magnificent suite will be progressing nicely. For what is poetry without inspiration?
John began round two with a couple of collage pieces created using surrealistic cut-up techniques. These were pleasingly different to his usual staid offerings, if nothing else.
Dave presented us with a skilful graft onto an old (not ancient) lyric – so good it was impossible to ‘spot the join’. Maybe he needs to take up DIY! Maggie had departed for round two, so Joanne offloaded an interesting poem on the subject of face-painting. I commented on that one as reminding me of Shakespeare, who harboured a serious grudge against face-fudging females: ‘God has given you one face, and you give yourselves another’ (Hamlet). It was also pleasing to see Joanne try iambic pentameter. If we look at another of the Bard’s offerings, we can see how iambic pentameters are constructed:
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
That is, it has ten syllables in each line, with the stresses falling on each second syllable (syllables 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10).
Meshach gave us another great poem, entitled A Model of Heaven. This reprised the Greek myth of Pygmalion, the lovelorn sculptor whose marble creation of the perfect woman came to life. Following in his antique footsteps came Kathy, who recited an evocative poem about Egypt. I really enjoyed that one, somewhat reminiscent of Shelley’s Ozymandias and fresh as a desert sirocco. A Stockport Write Out Loud meeting would hardly be complete without one of Andy’s political poems, even though he had a bit of competition this time around. But then he also has lots of inspiration – riots, cuts and bankers bonuses... and so delivered another winner.
I have recieved a few bemused comments about the DVD of our Read Out Loud event in July. I know the filming was a bit rough and ready, presenting somewhat uneven coverage of the night. We can’t blame Justina for that, however – I just put the camera in her hands and asked her to film things as best she could. Rome was not built in a day and our next open event will run much more smoothly, I’m sure.
Themes for October: Black History and whatever else people might want to write about. We are also hoping to produce a collage poem where each person adds a line based on the line before. That’s the plan, anyway.
John F Keane

Review is about Write Out Loud Stockport on 10 Oct 2011 (event)

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John F Keane

Sun 7th Aug 2011 17:50


A very nice and complementary review.

Review is about Write Out Loud Stockport on 8 Aug 2011 (event)

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Andy N

Fri 22nd Jul 2011 19:40

Just a note over the WOL Stockport Special called 'Read Out Loud' done at Stockport Art Gallery.

Apart from the laptop not liking my backing footage, the night was a nice success with a nice audience of around 30 odd people with the following people who read (Some more than once)

1) John
2) Andy N
3) Maggie
4) Dorinda
5) Mechsia
6) Dave
7) Nigel
8) Linda
9) Cassis
10) Neil
11) Sam
12) Sheridan
13) Karla

Special mention must go to Sam, who I think was Dorinda's grandson and for a tender age read out a brilliant poem, and as advised by Nigel had to write it from memory upon arrival.

Finally, while I throughly enjoyed last night, the best sort of praise that can be given came from my other half, Cathy who read there last month for the first time and while well enough to attend last night wasn't well enough to perform said 'it's so welcoming this group, i would recommend it to anybody'.

Review is about Write Out Loud Stockport on 11 Jul 2011 (event)

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