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Truth I live and die.....ilu

What the eyes see can be wrong

What the ears hear can be wrong too

What is true is one big fact

I'm born for you, destined to be yours alone


No matter what people say

No matter what people think

I know the truth that is I'm meant only for you


There are things going hay wire in my life

I've no one supporting me, none to share and confide

The only open window that i have is here

I write all my perturbed thoughts and dreams desires


After coming so far, fighting all battles with demons and men

I can't retreat or change my track and go another path

I can't think a life without you and this is the only fact


Our bond is strong and unbreakable unshakable 

No storm can disrupt or try to change anything 

You are my only knight in shining armour and I ain't wanting a change


My heart, soul, body and mind are yours and yours alone

Coming so far now I can't be left stranded to shatter and die

You can't let things be because you think I ain't for thee

I'm hurt do badly by this thought that you shared about me


I'm fighting all the wicked men and demons to clear my way to reach thee

And you are perceiving every effort and emotion of mine wrongly

It takes trust and faith to build relationships 

It takes doubts and confusions to break them anyway


It's all in our head and heart whether to trust and carry on

Or to doubt and create false stories and break the strong relation for some unexisting cause

Have faith and trust on me as I've been doing too

Please don't bury me alive and kill my heart too


I just love you and wanna be with you

It's the only fact I vouch is true

My prayers are only for you and so also my life

This only you in time will soon realize


Either I'm yours to be or I will die alone waiting for thee

But I just can't think of anybody else in my life ever again

So let not suspicion kill our beautiful relationship and bond

Think about building a road of togetherness and love 

Not about cutting ties and burning our home


My soul is shocked and isn't ready to accept

That you wish to let me go and die every minute

I haven't made all these efforts uselessly

They are only steps that you made baby ones silently

I always wanted things to happen fast and quick

But you always ran the tortoise in our love race


Now you wish to stand here killing me and burying me

I'm hurt, killed by each and every word

If anything has hurt you in any way then I'm sorry

But trust as you have always and I too have undoubtedly trusted you


Don't leave me stranded to die only to realize later your decision was wrong about creating this wall

I love you with my heart soul and mind and this is the only truth I live and die for

◄ ❤💕💘

O God!! ►


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