Lifting the Veil

If you live a life in a day,
The difference is plain,
There’s no doing it again.
Fly into the 4th-dimension,
With a graceful flutter, 
And  no direction home.
The begetting is done on a wing and a prayer
So, what is there more when butterflies alight?
A mixing of moods in a synaesthetic delight
The finest bouquets mingled today with the light
Of the beautiful butterfly. 
Flower after flower, and time after time,
O! I wish I could turn words into wishes.
O! I wish my days would rhyme!

This evening is so heavy,
Day and nights’ penumbras
Shine as the butterflies fade and are gone.
A final flutter, past my window, a last swan song,
For the butterfly, the rose garden is eternity
Sweet white flowers above 
Rain drops cling to petals, wet your wings;
Mist in the garden hides you
As I whisper my absence of you,
I see softly seeping nuances of you,
Echoes of end of days in Palo Alto,
heavy music in the mist and air,
this stretching of reality,
and you, no longer there,
In the fading autumn light,
with your wings crisp and falling,
my memories flare into the living air.
With you no longer there,
there’s an oblivion in the air.

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Martin Elder

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 22:00

Fabulous John
Love it

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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 21:13

Another masterpiece. Thank you for showing us how it’s done, life and poetry. Mesmerizing.

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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 20:46

Not to mention the amazing painting was quite remiss of me.

A stroke (many strokes) of visual poetry in it's own right.


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Mon 2nd Mar 2020 20:44

Fantastical musings

Your last line John leaves me in silent acquiescence, desiring more from the mind of a master poet.


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